State terrorism and dirty war: the CIA strips Felipe González

Former Spanish President Felipe González is again accused of creating the Anti-Terrorist Liberation Groups (GAL), mercenary death squads whose objective was to assassinate ETA militants, the Basque independence movement. This time the source is the CIA.

A recently published CIA document, but from 1984, confirms that, being the President of Spain: “González agrees with the formation of a group of mercenaries, controlled by the Army, to combat terrorism outside the law ”

The LAGs operated between 1983 and 1987 during the first two periods of Felipe González’s government, and their radius of action involved the Spanish territory and France, assassinating both ETA militants and innocent French citizens. It was the so-called “dirty war”.

The CIA refers to the degree of involvement of the González government in the LAGs, and warns: “If Madrid’s alleged participation is confirmed, the democratic credentials of the Spanish government and the Socialist Party would be seriously tarnished.”

In fact, the report contains the results of a survey that shows that a good number of Spanish citizens (the majority, Basques) believed the version that the anti-ETA para-police group was the brainchild of Felipe González and his government. They were not wrong.

In another section of the document, the CIA admits that LAGs “could have” a connection with Spanish security services in 1980s, according to information compiled by the US embassies in Madrid and Paris.

The CIA report doesn’t really provide any news regarding evidence that the then Spanish government was involved in the creation of the LAGs. His statements are more allusive than direct, but they also denote the relationship of the terrorist group with González.

For many historians and journalists, especially Basques related or not to ETA, the impunity with which these LAGs acted is remembered, a clear example of state terrorism that has not yet had justice for all victims before the Spanish and French courts.

Basque journalistic investigations discovered that the GAL, with which it was possible to try and imprison 11 officials of the Ministry of the Interior for murder, kidnapping, illicit association, documentary falsification and / or embezzlement of public funds. A judicial pantomime.

The LAGs also carried out kidnappings, torture and economic crimes in Spain and “coincided” with “the lead years” in Europe, which is linked to the Gladio network and its terrorist operations led by NATO and the CIA.

Neither the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) nor Felipe González have admitted that they were involved in the GAL case, however the CIA document has served to re-launch the issue to the public arena, requesting clarification from the former Spanish president.

Felipe González is “Mr. X”, name by which they refer to the hypothetical leader of the GAL? He said at the time that “I found out from the press,” although the CIA itself seems to suggest otherwise: state terrorism was an act of presidential treachery in Spain.

The report, originally quoted by Spanish daily ‘La Razón’ and available online on the website of the American intelligence agency, has sparked outrage among some Catalan and Basque parties.

State terrorism and dirty war: the CIA strips Felipe González
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State terrorism and dirty war: the CIA strips Felipe González
State terrorism and dirty war: the CIA strips Felipe González
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