Spanish far-right political party VOX fears Morocco’s growing military power

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The budget cut suffered by the spanish kingdom ministry of defense has been reducing its military capacity, so countries such as Algeria and especially Morocco far exceed it in their fire riposte from any scenario, reports the newspaper La Pandereta.

Spain’s far-right Vox party on Tuesday called for an urgent increase in the European country’s military spending in the face of “potential threats” from Morocco and Algeria.

Vox party leader Santiago Abascal said Morocco and Algeria’s increased military spending puts Spain in a “critical” and “chilling” situation, according to The Olive Press. He suggested that Spain increase its defense budget by 2%.

Morocco’s 2021 Finance Bill allows for up to $12.13 billion in military spending.

Recently, Morocco has bought to the United States, regardless of the agreements it already has with the Pentagon and that consolidate its military intelligence service, 10 anti-ship aerial missiles and 50 F-16 fighter aircraft, which equates the Moroccan military capacity with which Spain has to defend the Canarian airspace, concludes the media.

According to data from NATO, in 2017 Spain devoted 0.92% of its GDP to defense. NATO allies in Europe spent an average 1.46% of GDP on defense last year, compared with the US figure of 3.57%.

Spain’s previous defense minister, the PP’s María Dolores de Cospedal, sent NATO a letter in December committing to spend 1.53% of GDP on defense by 2024, representing €18.5 billion, or twice as much as is currently earmarked for military spending. But this pledge was made without consulting the opposition, and the new Socialist government has yet to say whether it will incorporate it into its own plans.

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In Spain, while the extreme right calls for an increase in investment in weapons, there are other more important initiatives such as raising investment in science to 2% of Spanish GDP