So many US military ships. and they still let drug-laden ships pass …

Buque con droga no pasa por venezuela

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Venezuela show that a Togo ship loaded drugs in Colombian waters and transited through allied countries of the United States.

“In its desperation to attack Venezuela, Washington creates absurd false positives. Here it’s clearly demonstrated that this ship loaded Colombian drugs into Colombian waters and transited with impunity through the waters of several “allied” countries of the United States. in his supposed fight against drugs, ”denounced this Friday the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, when publishing a complete dossier of evidence that shows the deception of the US Government.

The high Venezuelan diplomat, spread on his account @jaarreaza, the series of messages from the Minister of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, which conclusively prove the lie that the Trump administration tried to impose on Venezuelan media.

“THE CYNISM WITHOUT LIMITS OF THE EMPIRE: We denounce that the Government of the EEUU in its desire to show Venezuela as a narco-state, creates false positives,” explained the minister in his account @NestorLReverol.

With a detailed and graphic trace of the route followed by the Togo-flagged ship “Karar”, it is shown that the cocaine he was transporting was loaded in Colombian waters and ended up in Spain, where the authorities were able to capture him.
Buque cargado con droga
USA then began to claim that he was loaded in Venezuela, but the lie fell under its own weight, after the tests were registered in the automatic identification systems of the global positioning satellite programs “MARINE TRAFFIC” and “FLEETMON”, reliable and of obligatory use and not modifiable.

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“During the announced vessel identification journey, it is determined that the ship left Panama on March 28, sailing at 7.7 knots heading west, with a report of destination to Spain,” explained the Minister.

“Subsequently, the program identifies a specific route where there is communication from the Automatic Identification System off the Colombian coast, and then continues to its final destination where it is captured,” adds Reverol.

The graphic and satellite test indicates that the ship never used Venezuelan maritime space.
Buque con droga no pasa por venezuela

However, Reverol warns, it’s striking that this boat passed between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic without being detected by North American authorities…