Six Venezuelan Special Actions Force agents (FAES) with arrest warrant

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Tarek William Saab Venezuela’s attorney general, reported it his office processed six arrest warrants, the defendants are: Jesús Alberto González, Félix José Morales Arroyo, Manuel Leandro Maiz, José Martín Rico Vásquez, José Alejandro Guzmán and Omar Antonio García all of them agents of the Special Actions Force (Faes).

These officials will be charged for being allegedly involved in the crimes of cruel treatment, illegitimate deprivation of liberty, violation of domicile and abuse of authority, the Prosecutor pointed out on his Twitter account. Said crimes were allegedly committed by FAES agents to the detriment of Américo Ledezma and another person, the Prosecutor said.

The arrest warrants were granted by the 3rd Control Court of Santa Bárbara del Zulia extension.

All of this stems from a previous investigation initiated by the Public Ministry on October 23, where Américo Ledezma appears as the alleged author of a forced disappearance, according to file MP-199662-2020 substantiated by the prosecutor María Gabriela Urdaneta Vergel. This official ordered the FAES to carry out a technical inspection at the scene of the events located in Santa Bárbara del Zulia. The document (see photo) highlights that officials are authorized to photographically fix the site and collect evidence.

This inspection was carried out on November 3 and was recorded in a video recently released on social networks. Two days ago Saab said that these images of men digging a grave correspond to complaints against FAES filed by an agricultural producer. “What was the purpose? To bury the farmer there?” Saab wondered.

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