Sirte becomes a demilitarized zone as part of a comprehensive ceasefire agreement between Libyan forces

Sirte se convierte en una zona desmilitarizada como parte de un acuerdo amplio de alto el fuego entre las fuerzas Libias

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As part of a comprehensive ceasefire agreement between the Government of National Accord and the Libyan National Army forces , the city of Sirte, located on their line of contact, becomes a demilitarized zone.

So, the PNS has already announced the withdrawal of forces from the city, although by the beginning of the negotiations, a number of sources spoke about the control of the city by the LNA forces.

Members of the Joint Military Commission “5 + 5” from the PNC report that only the security forces of the Government of National Accord are in the city.

The group “5 + 5”, discussing a ceasefire in Libya, includes five members of the PNS and five representatives of the forces of the commander-in-chief of the LNA Khalifa Haftar. The current round is already the sixth, the first four were held in Geneva, the fifth was first held in Libya, in the northwestern city of Ghadames, now the sixth in a row continues in Sirte until November 13. Basic agreements were reached on October 23rd.

Now PNS general al-Fituri Garibel promises a gradual withdrawal of all forces from Sirte and Jufra, which remain the contact line of the parties. They will discuss the reopening of roads, which are still closed due to the fighting.

The UN Mission in Libya expresses “optimism” about the constructive negotiations and the atmosphere reigning there.

At the same time, in the suburb of Tripoli, the Main Electric Company is complaining about 2 km of power lines stolen last night – this is how PNS keeps control in its territories.

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