Series of videos that spell out Alex Saab’s extradition case to the USA

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If you want to know about Alex Saab’s case, here his lawyers tell you, first-hand info, the newspaper El Tiempo from Colombia, published a series of videos.

Defense attorneys Baltasar Garzón and Pinto Monteiro participate in the audiovisual material, explaining the legal details and the violation of due process. Also, the lawyer and human rights defender, Femi Falana, on the humanitarian nature of Saab’s mission in Cape Verde.

In addition, former Interpol legal adviser, Rutsel Martha, on the “unprecedented” of the illegal detention and the medical oncologist, Karol Sikora, explaining the health requirements of the detainee (he suffers from stomach cancer and has lost 26 kg of weight) refusal of the local government.

This coincides with what was said exclusively to La Tabla (investigation portal) by a source close to the case: Saab has been tortured 7 times and beaten to the point of losing some teeth. He was tied for 3 days and cut up to 26 times in his arms to achieve a false statement against Nicolás Maduro and his family.

In the videos, the defense team points out that he hasn’t had access and the Cape Verdean government expelled them from the island. So far the irregularities are: ignorance of his diplomatic status, violation of human rights, refusal of the ECOWAS Court decision and violation of due process.

The Spanish lawyer Baltazar Garzón insists that Saab has inviolability and diplomatic immunity and it is demonstrated in the documentation that “curiously” the local police seized him. “This decision is very serious and faces Cape Verde an international default.”

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Another of the lawyers, Pinto Monteiro, denounces that his defendant traveled to Iran and Russia looking for drugs for COVID-19 and the documents he possessed confirm this. The documents were ignored, withheld and remain in custody, he assures him in the recording.

In another video footage, the lawyer and human rights activist, Femi Falana, declares that neither the United States nor Cape Verde decide who is a diplomat, since it is a sovereign right of each country. He recalls that Saab is Venezuela’s ambassador to African nations.

Rusell Martha, former director of legal affairs at Interpol, explains that the capture of a diplomatic agent on a humanitarian mission to a third country is unprecedented, “There is not an example in history where this has happened.”

In addition, she reveals that there was no active “red alert” to arrest Alex Saab: “The circular is dated June 13th, but he was arrested on June 12th (the day before). That is, he was arrested based on a red circular that didn’t exist.

It should be noted that the dates and terms of the judicial process for his extradition have expired (they are 80 days and he has been locked up for more than 220 days).

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