Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer from second biggest arms dealer in the world UK

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Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer from second biggest arms dealer in the world UK
New data from the Department of International Trade shows that between 2010-2019 the UK government was the world’s second biggest arms exporter behind the US.

In that time, UK companies signed £86 billion worth of contracts for military equipment and services. The total for 2019 was £11 billion – down from £14 billion in 2018 – making it the second highest year for UK arms sales since 1983.

The figures, which are based on a survey of arms companies, show that UK industry is dominated by the Middle East. Since 2010 60% of exports and contracts have gone to the region, with Saudi Arabia being by far the largest buyer.

The report shows that in 2019 the UK has had a 16% share of the global arms trade. This compares with the largest arms exporter, the US, which has an estimated 47% share and Russia and France which have 11% and 10% respectively.

The UK arms industry is dominated by aerospace, which accounted for 88% of sales and contracts. This includes radars and missiles etc as well as aircraft. Major buyers of UK-aerospace equipment include Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman, USA and Qatar.

UK-made fighter jets, missiles and bombs have played a central role in the ongoing Saudi-led bombardment of Yemen. According to the United Nations, the bombing has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

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