Relevant Nagorno-Karabakh conflict events,full daily report date 10/03/2020

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Welcome to our full daily report of relevant Nagorno-Karabakh conflict events, date 10/03/2020.

+President of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan, together with the soldiers of the special forces unit of the NKR Defense Army, went to the front line.

+Armenia government official said, Intelligence indicates that the number of KIA of the Azerbaijani side already exceeds 3,000. Most of the bodies lie in the neutral zone, and virtually no effort has been made to remove them.

+Azerbaijan gov published numbers about Armenia site:

Azerbaijan gov published numbers about Armenia site:

+The Defense Army of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic publishes Karabakh frontline war footage.

+American congressmen appealed to Secretary of State Pompeo with a call to reduce military aid to Azerbaijan and impose sanctions on Turkey for supporting the hostilities.

+Azerbaijan MOD published more footage of Armenia tanks destroyed

+Armenia continues shelling civilians settlements according Azerbaijan MOD

Armenia continues shelling civilians settlements according Azerbaijan MOD

+ War propaganda is reaching a new level. Both sides Azerbaijan and Armenia punished full-fledged music videos with a demonstration of weapons and good motives.

+More footage of Azerbaijani soldier corpses on the battlefield (21+) was published on social media.

+Photos reportedly of Armenian soldiers being taken prisoner by Azerbaijan.

Photos reportedly of Armenian soldiers being taken prisoner by Azerbaijan.
Photos reportedly of Armenian soldiers being taken prisoner by Azerbaijan.

+ Briefing by the head of the Foreign Ministry of Karabakh Masis Mayilyan. The main thing:

– Recognition of the independence of Karabakh can help establish peace in the region.

– It makes no sense to talk to Baku. Work is underway with Turkey to convince it that the started aggression is futile.

– Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan share a common point of view. It doesn’t matter to us.

– Officially, Georgia remains neutral. It is in their national interest.

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– We must restore the line of contact agreed in 94.

– The Russian Foreign Ministry is in constant communication with the Armenian Foreign Ministry. Three telephone conversations took place between Pashinyan and Putin.

– The peace process is complicated by the presence of Turkey. This is a major actor. And now we need to convince Erdogan.

– There are several ways to impose peace. First, it is military success. Secondly, there are various international instruments – from persuasion to sanctions. We are in the early stages.

– There is a triple alliance – Turkey, Azerbaijan, Syrian terrorists. Pakistan did not recognize the independence of Armenia. After Ankara, Islamabad is Baku’s closest ally.
But apart from propaganda, I cannot talk about Pakistan’s direct participation in the Karabakh conflict.

– The fact that terrorists from the BV countries arrived in Azerbaijan and are participating in hostilities is beyond doubt. Both Russia and France have confirmed this fact. All these facts are collected, after which they will be brought to the relevant structures. The most important thing now is to win the war.

+ Azerbaijani soldiers killed in Artsakh

We offer condolences to friends and family, strength and patience to mothers

+A march in support of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces was held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

+Armenia will bring mercenaries of Armenian origin from Greece to fight in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the country’s top official said on Friday.

Hikmet Hajiyev, the assistant to the president and foreign policy chief for Azerbaijan’s presidency, said they obtained information that people of Armenian origin from some Western countries will come to fight against Azerbaijan as fighters and mercenaries.

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+Armed Forces Units of Azerbaijan strike at the capital of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, the city of Stepanakert.

+The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan completely denies the loss of combat aircraft of the national air forces during the current war in Karabakh.

+The Armenian Defense Ministry announces the use of long-range weapons against civilian infrastructure by units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which creates the risk of an environmental catastrophe.

+The Ministry of Defense of Armenia publishes footage of the destruction of facilities of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the combat zone in Nagorno-Karabakh.

+President of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan stated that the heads of the NKR National Security Service and the NSS of Armenia are at the forefront with him.

+Armenia Ministry of Defense publishes footage of the destruction of objects of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and the retreat of an enemy infantry group … in line of sight of observers of the Armenian side.

+The Defense Army of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic claims that 202 servicemen have died as a result of fighting since September

+Iran declared the unacceptability of attacks on the country’s territory by the parties to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Earlier, there were cases of falling shells from the conflict zone on the territory of the Islamic Republic.

+Video, presumably, recorded a massive shelling of the city of Horadiz in the Fizuli region of Azerbaijan by units of the Armenian / NKR Armed Forces.

+More footage of Armenian soldier corpses on the battlefield (21+)

+According Azerbaijan’s president on his social media accounts, the Azerbaijani Army liberated Talysh village of Tartar region, Mehdili, Chakhirli, Ashagi Maralyan, Shaybey and Gujag villages of Jabrayil region, Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli region.

+Azerbaijani media publish footage from the war zone in Nagorno-Karabakh.
In the video: servicemen of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and captured armored vehicles.

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The Azerbaijani military lowers unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic flag and raises the national one at one of the facilities in the captured Madagiz (Sugovushan).

Let’s sum up the traditional results of the day.

A major achievement was the seizure of the village of Madagiz by the Azerbaijani army, which plays an essential role in control of Karabakh. This’s also the first large settlement occupied during the operation, which has an important symbolic meaning. Judging by the available personnel, the fighting was heavy, which is indirectly acknowledged by the Armenian side, which claimed 51 casualties, or 25% of the number killed since the beginning of the operation.

As in previous days, today still a very limited amount of photo and video materials came from the front line, moreover, Armenian resources again urged not to publish “independent” photos and videos, so as not to reveal potential military secrets.

On the other hand, a video with five Armenian prisoners of war was shown for the first time today, though without specifying their personal data.

It is obvious that the Azerbaijani offensive in Madagiz will not stop, the question is where the next blow will be delivered. Moreover, the great powers confine themselves only to general words and calls for a ceasefire.

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