Puebla group repudiates the dispatch of US military to Colombia

Puebla group repudiates the dispatch of US military to Colombia

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The Puebla Group denounces that the presence of US troops in Colombia it is illegal and violates the Constitution of the South American country.

On Thursday, the US Embassy in Colombia and the Ministry of Defense of the South American country, announced that the brigade belonging to the United States
Security Force Assistance Brigade – (SFAB) would arrive in Bogotá this June to join the plan against drug trafficking.

Given this decision, the international group of progressive leaders of Latin America, Grupo de Puebla, through a statement published on Monday on its website, has strongly rejected the arrival of “illegal” troops from the United States to Colombia and has warned that such Washington and Bogota’s measure will only “raise tension” with Venezuela.

According to the text, the US Army brigade could become a platform to launch a military offensive against Venezuela, “thus destabilizing the security of the southern hemisphere.”
Along these same lines, the Colombian senator Iván Cepeda Castro, in a message issued on the same day in his account on social media Twitter, has expressed his opposition to the displacement of new US forces in his country. “Invading American troops are persona non grata in our country. They must leave Colombia ”he remarked.

The recent US announcement and Colombia has generated a wave of criticism, among them, representatives of Colombian opposition, members of foundations defending human rights, the political party Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común (FARC), the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation and senators from Colombia have refuted vigorously this decision.

Tensions between Caracas and Bogotá worsened in early May, when the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro denounced having thwarted a terrorist attack, planned by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, with the complicity of his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque. , in order to “assassinate” the Chavista leader.

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