President Nicolás Maduro, at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 75)

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President Nicolás Maduro, at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 75).

Presidential Summary

1. We demand more will and efforts to preserve the achievements, to advance in new objectives. We insist on the need to strengthen South-South cooperation (…) We call for the highest political commitment to combat climate change, which is a reality.

2. Venezuela considers it’s the role of the World Health Organization should be an example of multilateralism that we need to strengthen. He must act and speak faithfully, without bowing to pressure, extortion and attacks from the powerful.

3. Health became a luxury Let us hear in the streets of the world the fury of the peoples who feel orphaned and unprotected! The health and well-being of the population aren’t merchandise; the market cannot continue to regulate the destiny of humanity!

4. We welcome the scientific efforts of Russia, China, and Cuba in creating an effective and safe vaccine against Covid-19, and we trust it’s such findings will be considered a global public good by each of our nations.

5. We propose the creation of a revolving fund for public purchases in the United Nations System to guarantee access to food and health products, financed with public resources. This will make it possible to face discrimination and blockage.

6. Our re-election as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council has reaffirmed our commitment to promote respect for human rights and the fundamental freedoms of all people without distinction of any kind.

7. We ratify our commitment to the peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter, in relation to the territorial dispute over Guayana Esequiba, we reiterate strict adherence to the 1966 Geneva Agreement.

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8. We reiterate our support and solidarity with the Arab people of Palestine (…) We support the call for the end of the infamous, criminal blockade of almost 60 years against our brother people of Cuba.

9. Venezuela reiterates its commitment to the need to strengthen dialogue and cooperation by building bridges between peoples, respecting cultural and religious differences, through conflict prevention.

10. The unilateral measures imposed by the United States have tried to subdue the Venezuelans. Our people, together with the Constitutional Government, have heroically resisted the illegality, the inhumanity of an empire that today represents the gravest threat.

11. We have made a titanic effort with our own capabilities, in addition to the cooperation of friendly countries and the UN to confront Covid-19 (…) We are the Latin American and Caribbean country that has made the most tests to its people; We say it with humility and with a desire to always help neighboring countries from whom, frequently, from their governments, we only receive attacks.

12. We ratify to the world that Venezuela has prepared to resist and is resisting this offensive of criminal, inhuman aggression, to overcome this blockade of the US government.

13. I reiterate once again our deep appreciation for the pronouncements of both the General Secretary and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, demanding the immediate lifting of the unilateral and criminal coercive measures.

14. We reiterate the need to vindicate the principles of respect for sovereignty and self-determination, expressed in the UN Charter, the illegal violation of which by some Member States is endangering the stability of our country.

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15. The US must abandon the old practice of criminalizing those of us who don’t subordinate ourselves to its designs in this world and maintain a policy of independence and sovereignty. The United States has become the most significant threat to the peace of this world.

16. We believe that the role that some United Nations Agencies, or some representatives of some Agencies, have been playing in these processes, such as UNHCR, must certainly be reviewed with institutional and scientific rigor.

17. Recently, 110 citizens of right-wing groups were pardoned, prosecuted for various crimes related to crimes of aggression against our country. With this decision, we seek to continue building the path towards reconciliation.

18. In Venezuela, there are all the guarantees to hold parliamentary elections and for this reason we have invited the world to join us, to be witnesses of a living democracy, nothing and no one can take away from the People of Venezuela their right to choose.

During his speech, President Nicolás Maduro denounced the violation of the human rights of Venezuelan migrants who’ve returned to the country in recent months and the destination of funds from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration ( IOM).

“Our country faces and lives a wave of voluntary, massive returns, of thousands of Venezuelan migrants from countries with very high levels of Covid-19 infections, such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil,” he referred to the bad management of these countries in the face of the virus, which has generated a high number of infections and deaths.

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In the same way, the head of State highlighted that a second cause of these compatriots refers to the “systematic violation of human rights of migrant Venezuelans, anachronistic and xenophobic policies against migrants from our country, including from high levels of government of those countries ».

He denounced the complicit silence of the world in the face of this situation and, on the other hand, wondered where the funds were allocated by UNHCR and IOM to the aforementioned countries, to address this humanitarian problem.

Maduro didn’t deny it’s economic reasons were the motivations for the migration of Venezuelans in recent years, on the contrary, he described how unilateral coercive measures have undermined the quality of life of citizens, which led them to leave their country.

“More than 30 billion dollars have been seized from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, frozen and kidnapped in bank accounts in the United States and Europe.”

Official Participation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela before the General Assembly of the United Nations.