President Maduro approves 100 thousand Petros to grant credits

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President Maduro approves 100 thousand Petros to grant productive credits.Petros will be allocated for productive credits award through the Bank of Venezuela (BDV), Banco del Tesoro (BT) and Banco Agrícola de Venezuela (BAV).

“Approved immediately! There are six million hard cash dollars to be leveraging with Petros the real productive processes, “said the president.

From Sol del Perú Hall, in Miraflores Palace, Caracas, the constitutional president Nicolás Maduro, led a productive Wednesday day dedicated to the economy, where he announced one hundred thousand petros approval for granting of productive credits, through the banks of Venezuela, the Treasury and Agriculture, destined to leverage the real economy of the country. In addition, it immediately approved 300 billion bolivars, with an initial contribution of 50 billion bolivars for the capitalization, strengthening and expansion process of the Agricultural Bank of Venezuela.

In a joint radio and television broadcast, the head of state referred to the importance of building a real economy, of real growth, “not in a paper economy, nor dependent on the International Monetary Fund,” he said: “In Latin America, the IMF’s neoliberal model has failed, and from Venezuela a productive, diversified, nationalist, Latin American alternative arises, typical of the efforts of the peoples. From here, from Latin America and the Caribbean we dream big and from Venezuela we dream and we work big, facing as you know, one of the imperialist aggressions, the imperialist blockade, the financial persecution, although we have shown in 2019 that with everyone’s effort, the union of Venezuela, with work, commitment and love we can get ahead, we have shown it. ”

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Then, and “calientico” as he called it made the announcement economy activation: approved the request of 100 thousand Petros for country’s financial and credit system. “Six million dollars, hard cash, to be leveraged with Petros the real production processes, approved!” He said.

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