Photos of the new Iranian Long Range early warning radar type Ghadir

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Photos of the new Long Range early warning radar type Ghadir (a new version of these types of radar) , a range of up to 1,100 km. Iran at least four more such radars

Iran’s first long-range (1,100 kilometer) radar Ghadir was introduced in 2012 and according to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Commander Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, it has been mass-produced ever since. Qadir radar with phased array technology is fixed. The radar consists of a set of antennas mounted on a high-altitude metal mast and four lateral sections (a factor) surrounding it that form the sides of a square. Central antennas The radar is a type of system that is used in radar with long wavelengths.

Each side section of the radar, which is a perpendicular to the ground, has a 90-degree coating on the side, with a height of 20 and a length of 44 meters. On each of these sections, 128 antennas are mounted in a matrix with 16 columns and 8 rows, which in total has a radar with 512 antennas of this type. The sum of these antennas, with their array performance, provides superior features of the phased array radar for the high-end.

In the context of the frequency band of the radar, it should be recalled that HF, VHF and UHF frequencies are used to detect targets at long distances. Because of the nature of their long-wavelengths, these frequency bands are less accurate than shorter wavelengths, but achieve high-range performance, as well as the role of “early warning” for air defense assemblies. In addition, these frequency bands are highly capable of detecting low-level radar cross-sections (RCS) due to the inability of materials used in these aircrafts to absorb long wavelengths.

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