Pakistan cancels billionaire defense deal with french company and recalled its ambassador

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Pakistan has canceled a number of arms contracts with France, in particular the deal with the French company Airbus for the purchase of military transport helicopters EC725 Caracal totaling $ 1.5 billion.

Earlier, Islamabad recalled its ambassador from France after cartoons of Islam were projected onto French government buildings.

Through a unanimous resolution, Pakistan’s National Assembly has asked the government that it should recall its ambassador in France after French President Emmanuel Macron last week refused to condemn the French publication for showing of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. However, Pakistan has no ambassador currently posted in Paris as the last ambassador Moin-ul-Haq left France three months ago after being transferred to China, reported The News.

Ever since Moin-ul-Haq’s transfer to China, Pakistan has not yet designated an ambassador to France.

The images of the Prophet have sparked anger in the Muslim world with Turkey’s leader calling for a boycott of French goods. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has led the charge against France, questioning Macron’s mental state, and France recalled its ambassador to Turkey for consultations, a first in French-Turkish diplomatic relations.

We will remind, the other day Macron said that France will not give up cartoons that offend Islam and Muslims. After that, in a number of French cities, cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the very magazine Charlie Hebdo were projected onto government buildings

Moreover, it was decided that in 13 regions of France these cartoons in the form of booklets will be distributed in secondary schools.

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