#OpVenezuela Chapter II: The Exit. Leopoldo López: the piece of work’s construction.

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Operation Venezuela Chapter II: The Exit. Leopoldo López: the piece of work’s construction.

In 2014, a new phase of aggression against Venezuela was launched. Just a few months after Nicolás Maduro was elected President.

Leopoldo López, backed by the White House, activated the “The Exit” plan and began the construction of his epic and sold a screenplay tailored to United States interventions. Wikileaks aware of it of that’s leaked cables.

A story built from laboratories sold to the world the figure of the hero, a young, professional, imprisoned and tortured leader at the hands of a drug dictatorship; with a grieving wife who traveled the world crying out for justice.

The reality is that behind the staging, what really took place was the call for insurrection and violence, marches, terrorist actions, 43 Venezuelan families mourning the death of their loved ones because of the so-called Guarimbas, which were terrorists street actions, not to mention the millionaire material losses due to the destruction of public spaces.

At the same time, and in the name of freedom and the afflicted Venezuelan people, Lilian Tintori articulated around herself and the figure of her detained husband, a complex network of fundraising and international financing, whose resources were destined to family businesses and uphold the conspiracy and destabilization agenda against Venezuela.

The narrative starring the López-Tintori, managed to turn the eyes of the world towards Venezuela, and build the propitious framework for the United States to use its weapon of war: the Cohercive Unilateral measures or Sanctions, whose first expression is found in the Defense Law On Human Rights And Civil Society Of Venezuela, promulgated by Barack Obama that same year that López surrendered to justice as part of the plan that the United States needed to activate its intervention that later resulted in Obama’s Executive Decree against Venezuela.

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Leopoldo López is the genesis of the blockade and the illegal sanctions of the United States against Venezuela.

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