Operation Gideon: Ex-green beret Jordan Goudreau is awarded the failed mercenary incursion to Venezuela

The mercenary Jordan Goudreau, adviser on a coup plan in Venezuela

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In a video broadcast through the Twitter account @Carive, a retired Venezuelan ex-soldier Javier Nieto Quintero with Jordan Goudreau is awarded to carry out Operation Gideon the maritime invasion that was thwarted by the Nicolás Maduro government this Sunday, May 3..

The journalist Patricia Poleo publishes the contract where the signature of Juan Guaidó, JJ Rendón, Sergio Vergara and Jordan Goudreau is observed, to execute a military operation in Venezuela.

Guaidó didn’t fulfill the contract.

During early hours of this Sunday, May 3, a group of mercenaries from Colombia tried to enter Venezuelan territory in speedboats off the coast of Macuto, in the state of La Guaira. The FANB’s “Negro Primero” operation neutralized the so-called “Operation Gedeon”, which is part of a destabilizing plan to carry out a coup in Venezuela, after the murder of Chavista leaders.


According to the authorities report, there are 8 criminals killed, including Captain Robert Colina, alias “Pantera”, linked to the coup plans unveiled months ago, with Clíver Alcalá

Ten assault rifles, a 9-millimeter Glock pistol, two AFAG machine guns and cartridges of different caliber were seized. It was learned that the machine guns were stolen from the Federal Legislative Palace on April 30.
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Likewise, the mercenaries had six truck-type vehicles, a speedboat and two outboard motors; all these seized by the authorities.
Truck mercenary

Initial information on the frustrated raid was released by Minister Néstor Reverol, who announced that the tracking operation is continuing by air, sea and land. The head of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace didn’t rule out future arrests, apart from the two citizens involved in the confrontation with the authorities captured in Macuto.

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