On the anniversary of Operation “Edge of the Sword,” Hamas affirms the resistance keep it going

En el aniversario de la Operación "Filo de la espada", Hamas afirma la continuación de la resistencia

En el aniversario de la Operación "Filo de la espada", Hamas afirma la continuación de la resistencia

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On the anniversary of Operation “Edge of the Sword,” Hamas affirms the resistance keep it going

This came in a statement of the movement, today, Wednesday, on the occasion of the second anniversary of thwarting the infiltration of a special Israeli force into the Gaza Strip, which it called “the edge of the sword.”

The movement said: “The cries of the guerrillas from the elite of the Palestinian resistance still echo throughout the eastern region of Khan Yunis, there where the heroes made eternal glory and wrote with their blood on papers of their bravery a new history, and they gave their people a sincere dawn on the day they poured into the sands of the elite from occupation army”.

They added: “The Palestinian fedayeen at that day painted a glorified image of unparalleled speed of response, high alertness, and security skill, crowned by that cohesion of all the resistance factions that were present in the place, so they did not delay the attack, and the Palestinian blood mixed with the pure soil of our land, to sow deep The land is the seed of the coming upheaval and the seed that will end the occupation in our land. ”

The movement sent a salute to the Palestinian resistance, headed by the spirit of the martyr Nour Baraka, the commander of the operation, and one of the leaders of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of the movement, and the sons of the Palestinian people who embraced the resistance, who gathered around their resistance, and protected its back despite all the costs and sacrifices.

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The movement said, “This battle has achieved a security and field victory that makes a difference with the occupation. It recorded an important shift in the nature of the battle and the establishment of the rules of engagement, and it accumulated new strengths for the capabilities of the resistance to enable it to confront its aggression and thwart its objectives.”

They added, “The occupation is still experiencing an internal crisis, and it suffers from the effects of Operation Edge of the Sword, which reflects the depth of the crisis that it caused, and the size of the blow that the army and its political and military leaders took after the operation failed.”

The movement stressed that the resistance in all its forms will remain a legitimate and continuous approach, and a way to liberate the entire land, holy sites and prisoners.

On November 11, 2018, Al-Qassam announced that it had discovered an Israeli force infiltrating Khan Yunis, and that it thwarted a qualitative Israeli operation, during which the commander of the Israeli unit was killed and others were wounded.

On the first anniversary of the operation, Al-Qassam revealed a video showing the details of Operation “Edge of the Sword” in which a group of Al-Qassam Brigades confronted a special Israeli force east of Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip, last November.

As a result, seven Palestinian resistance fighters, one of them a commander in the Al-Qassam Brigades of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, were killed in the operation and its aftermath, and the commander of the infiltrating force was also killed.

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At the time, Al-Qassam published pictures of the Special Force personnel, confirming that the failed infiltration operation targeted the capabilities of the resistance.

The Brigades displayed, on its website at the time, pictures of eight people, including two women, who said they were from the Israeli force, in addition to pictures of a vehicle and a truck used by this force, according to what the “Qassam” reported.

The Palestinian resistance says that the operation destroyed the occupation field security project in the Gaza Strip forever.

The “Edge of the Sword” has exposed many of the Mossad units, Shin Bet and institutions through which the Zionist security services move in many Arab and Islamic regions and against the resistance in Gaza, in addition to exposing many agents according to a security strike against the government and the security forces.