Official statement of the Bolivarian shield operation in Apure state against Colombian armed irregular groups 03/31/2021

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Continuing the execution of the operation “Bolivarian Shield 2021” in Apure state against Colombian armed irregular groups, until Wednesday, March 31 , the balance of FANB actions adds up to a total of nine (09) neutralized terrorists , thirty-one (31) detainees placed at the order of the 14th Military Control Court with a custodial measure, one (01) citizen who will be presented in the next few hours before the same Court, six (06) explosive devices deactivated in different axes highway drivers in the area, nine (09) destroyed camps including one used for the processing of cocaine paste, and new seizures of weapons, night visors, communication and computer equipment, as well as chemical precursors (urea).

On other hand, with unfathomable pain we report that First Sergeant Andriel Istúriz Sojo, Plaza de la 8va, died in combat. Sea Command Brigade, and Second Sergeant Jesús Alexander Vásquez Pérez,931 Reinforced Infantry Battalion “Santiago Mariño”; aftermath of the detonation of a mine activated by the aforementioned groups to a patrol that operated in El Ripial sector, José Antonio Páez municipality of the aforementioned state. We express to the families, friends and comrades in arms of these two professionals who lost their lives while fulfilling their duty, the most sincere words of condolences and unrestricted solidarity. In the same terrorist act, nine military personnel were injured, who are being given proper medical attention in the military health network.

Such a fact corroborates the cowardice, treachery and vileness of these criminal organizations, which, as we have already indicated, acting with the acquiescence of the Colombian government, sought to illegally occupy sectors of the Venezuelan geographic space to carry out their criminal activities.

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It should be noted that while the residents of La Victoria return from Arauquita to their homes, it is observed how the operators of the media scoundrel deploy their dirty manipulations to stoke the violence in Alto Apure.

We will continue to use all our combat capabilities until it is necessary to neutralize these criminals, wherever they may be, because we will not cede one millimeter of the sacred territory of the Homeland to their bastard interests.