New testimonies of the Gideon operation

Jorge Rodríguez presents photos from a notebook of the mercenaries who participated in Operation Gedenón, in which they explained how they would take the Sebin and the Dgcim, murdering guards and personnel there,

Jorge Rodríguez presents photos from a notebook of the mercenaries who participated in Operation Gedenón, in which they explained how they would take the Sebin and the Dgcim, murdering guards and personnel there,

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Who is Yoel Palmar? This’s other drug trafficker linked to the Gideon operation.

Who is Yoel Palmar? This's other drug trafficker linked to the Gideon operation.
Palmar Vergel (46), Poker player who’s ranked (position 15875 in the world ranking GPI) and head of the dismantled “Malecon Cartel”

Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, reported, the Venezuelan drug trafficker, Joel Palmar Vergel (46), head of the dismantled “Malecon Cartel”, was part of the “criminal triangle”, executor of failed mercenary raid in Venezuela to kidnap President Nicolás Maduro and assassinate the leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution.


Rodríguez indicated that Palmar’s main function was to open the corridor that would bring mercenaries from the Caribbean to the Venezuelan coasts.


“Joel Palmar appears as one of the logisticians that the DEA placed for the creation of a corridor so the terrorists could enter Venezuela,” Rodríguez explained.


On other hand, during his address on Monday, May 18, the Minister of Communication and Information showed a Public Ministry card delivered by the current fugitive from Venezuelan justice and former prosecutor of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz to the drug trafficker Palmar. “It’s a common practice for her to give ID cards to drug traffickers in exchange for a good slice of dollars,” Rodríguez said.


Colombian authorities have refused the extradition of Palmar Vergel, requested by Venezuela since 2018 when Venezuelan security forces dismantled the criminal organization that he led and was in charge of trafficking drugs from Colombia to the Dominican Republic, using Venezuela as bridge.


Palmar has become a powerful tentacle drug trafficker in Colombia, Central America, and the United States. In 2018, the Iván Duque government paralyzed the legal process of extradition of the Venezuelan of Wayuu origin, an eccentric boss who camouflaged his drug trafficking business with luxurious casinos and hotels to move tons of drugs.


In Resolution 334 of 2018, signed by Duque, it is argued that the capo, also known as the ‘Gambler’, suffers from high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia and obesity to such an extent that extradition can be life-threatening.

Opposition deputy Hernán Alemán confesses that Gideón “will be a weekend”

Opposition deputy Hernán Alemán was captured in an audio that was presented this Monday, May 18, too.In the audio, Alemán reveals new evidence that reconstructs the conspiracy against Venezuela.


In conversation with a person who is still unidentified, presumably days before the Macuto raid, Alemán confirms that the operation will take place over a weekend, a fact that coincides with what the authorities found in the notebooks of one of the american mercenaries, who wrote that Monday and Tuesday after the landing would be days of attack.

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Jorge Rodríguez presents photos from a notebook of the mercenaries who participated in Operation Gedenón, in which they explained how they would take the Sebin and the Dgcim, murdering  guards and personnel there,
Jorge Rodríguez presents photos from a notebook of the mercenaries who participated in Operation Gedenón, in which they explained how they would take the Sebin and the Dgcim, murdering guards and personnel there,

Alemán reports that after the incursion through La Guaira,Venezuela, he should enter Venezuela through Arauca, from Riohacha,Colombia. He speaks of weapons, which would be being transferred at that time to Maicao (Colombia) and refers to the presence of “the eagles”, that’s, american military.


Operation Gideon, sponsored by Juan Guaidó in conjunction with EE.UU. government and gestated in Colombia, had the support of CIA, DEA agents and even the fictitious US ambassador to the imaginary government of Guaidó, James Story. “They all represent the State Department,” says Alemán himself.

Mercenary plans intended to retain Nicolas Maduro, Diosdado Cabello and Leopoldo Lopez

In that conversation between the opposition deputy Hernán Alemán and Clíver Alcalá Cordones, other details of the plans were revealed during the execution of Operation Gideon. The official mentioned that the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, Diosdado Cabello and even Leopoldo López would be imprisoned.


Clíver Alacalá Cordones, who would be the head of the military operation developed in Colombia, proposed assassinating the aforementioned political personalities. From his own voice, captured in an audio that Rodríguez presented to the country this Monday, it’s clearly heard: «I didn’t want to say it, but they tried to elope and died. “Muertos pal coño “, when talking about the strategy they would use.


“fugitive law would be applied to assassinate them,” Rodríguez explained, confirming what the national government previously denounced regarding the contract signed by Guaidó, Goudreau and JJ Rendón to invade Venezuela and destroy its institutions, as well as the opposition leaders themselves who were not convenient to the plan.

“Guaidó didn’t fulfill the contract”: Alcalá and Hernán Alemán recognize Guaido’s signature and threaten this

Former military man Cliver Alcalá Cordones and the deputy before the National Assembly by the Democratic Action party, Hernán Alemán, admitted that the opposition leader Juan Guaidó didn’t comply with the contract he signed for the execution of Operation Gideon.

«That contract only we can, because they didn’t fulfill. Guaidó didn’t fulfill the contract, “says Alcalá, while ensuring that the firm will allow legal action, despite its breach.


Rodríguez explained with the signature, Guaidó would be involved in the explosion of the Miraflores Palace, regardless of whether it was located in the center of Caracas. In this sense, his signature represents a scope in accusations against Guaidó.

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Alemán revealed that on several occasions he told Juan Guaidó about the violent actions he was preparing with some traitorous soldiers.

Juan Guaidó has resorted to Colombian drug trafficking to conspire against Venezuela

The criminal triangle where the self-proclaimed “interim president” is, Juan Guaidó, connects him to the Colombian drug traffickers to attack Venezuela.


The minister recalled that the radical right-wing deputy “in addition to stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, is greedy.”


In his opinion, Guaidó is not only deeply involved in the failed Operation Gideon against the national Executive, but also the opposition leader Yon Goicoechea through his fictitious foundation “recive the amount of 500 thousand dollars to participate in conspiracies and from there they paid mercenary logistics ”.


The official added, in his television address, that the terrorist operation had “two forms of financing, the DEA and investors, mainly from North American companies. There are also Venezuelan businessmen living in Miami, we already have the name of 2 ”.

Another drug trafficker involved “Two wheels” o “the chair” is implicated up to his neck in mercenary operation against Venezuela

Another drug trafficker involved "Two wheels" o "the chair" is implicated up to his neck in mercenary operation against Venezuela

The mercenary captured in Chuao, Airan Berry, offered a new confession to the authorities detailing the implications of the drug trafficker alias “Two Wheel” in Operation Gideon, frustrated by Venezuelan military intelligence.

Berry claimed that former Venezuelan officers Sequea and Pimienta were the ones who indicated that operations would be carried out from Colombia, specifically in areas controlled by the DEA and drug trafficking.


“Two Weel” was seen on multiple occasions in conversations with Sequea and Pimienta, Berry said, in Alta Guajira (Colombia).


Let us remember that after the entry of arms into Riohacha was frustrated and the confession of Clíver Alcalá Cordones to W Radio, the three groups of mercenaries who were training in that region moved to the estate of the drug trafficker «Two weel», who together with Yoel Palmar and the DEA they manage the drug corridors in the area.

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James Story from Bogotá was involved in the coup

James Story, who acts as the “Virtual Ambassador” of Venezuela from Bogotá, was involved, in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency and the deputy of Democratic Action for the Zulia state, Hernán Alemán, in the failed mercenary raid of May 3 with which it was intended to overthrow the Bolivarian Government.


During the audio in which Alemán claims to have had telephone conversations with CIA representatives to adjust details of the so-called Operation Gideon, and that these contacts were established during a toast at Story’s residence. , who would have acted as an intermediary.


“Hernán Alemán says that Mr. Story put him to talk to the CIA and, surely, he received instructions on this plan. However, James Story, the United States’ ambassador to Narnia…, has said he knew nothing of these plans… You will have to deny Hernán Alemán, who says that you put him to speak with a representative of the CIA, “explained the senior official Jorge Rodriguez.


On May 7, the US diplomat gave a press conference to disassociate himself from the facts: «If we were involved in something like this, the result would be quite different. We are the country that found Osama Bin Laden. We are not going to do such an intervention because it doesn’t make sense, ”he said then.


However, the statements provided by the mercenaries captured by the Venezuelan authorities, as well as the information gathered by the country’s intelligence services, point out that the Trump administration was not only aware of the insurrectional-terrorist plan, but encouraged and supported by various means.


Specifically, in the audio broadcast by Rodríguez , Alemán himself assured that he was in a meeting with all the “goats” at Story’s house, where he toasted and spoke directly with CIA personnel.


«I was here this Tuesday in a meeting with all the goats, here at the ambassador’s house, they made a toast. I was even talking to the CIA guy, they put him to talk to me. But all of these are in a matter that represents the State Department, they follow the same discourse, the same approach. (…) We are building all this with a pulse, “said Alemán.

Full Jorge Rodriguez statement: