New evidence Citgo and Venezuela assets theft by Guaidó, the White House and the World Bank

New evidence Citgo and Venezuela assets theft by Guaidó, the White House and the World Bank

New evidence Citgo and Venezuela assets theft by Guaidó, the White House and the World Bank

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New evidence CITGO and Venezuela assets theft by Guaidó, the White House and the World Bank

The theft of CITGO is public and notorious, an act of piracy in the XXI century against a free and sovereign nation,

Venezuela’s vice president Delcy Rodríguez shows evidence that José Hernández would be involved with the president of the World Bank, David Malpass, in a plan that would seek to illegally seize the subsidiary of the US state oil company PDVSA, CITGO, and deliver it to the American.

The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, presented new evidence on Thursday about corruption network around the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó.

In this regard, she referred to the designated as special prosecutor by Guaidó, José Ignacio Hernández and how he has worked in the management of assets stolen from Venezuela, such as the oil company CITGO.

Rodríguez made a tour of all actions that Guaidó and his team carried out to the detriment of the Bolivarian Government. For this they used illegitimate legal processes, actions supported by international organizations and under the protection of the US Government.

The Venezuelan spokeswoman released an audio showing Hernández’s relationship with the President of the World Bank to act in complicity on Venezuela’s assets abroad.

“An investigation must be opened against the director of the World Bank,” Rodríguez said.

She also noted that the official’s intention was to support Guaidó to stay with CITGO. Another piece of evidence provided by the Venezuelan authority was an audio in which some deputies from the National Assembly (AN) in contempt asked the special prosecutor about his work and the steps he takes.

In this regard, José Ignacio Hernández replied the Office under the self-proclaimed Guaidó “does not exist”, a fact that the vice president points out as a demonstration “they are a criminal corporation to deliver Venezuela resources to Donald Trump.”

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Another question was from Jorge Millán, deputy of the National Assembly in contempt. “We have been requesting a response and we have not received any documentation until today,” he said.

The official referred to the pact between Leopoldo López, Juan Guaidó and the leader of Acción Democrática, Henry Ramos Allup. She questioned whether Ramos Allup was not in that network to prevent her son from being tried for his crimes.

In addition, in audios shown the words of José Ignacio Hernández were heard, in which he referred to the “judicial defenses” that have served to enrich and enrich the US Government. at the expense of Venezuela’s heritage.

Regarding the confessions to the deputies in contempt, Delcy Rodríguez pointed out that the Assembly should make these statements public and offer explanations to the Bolivarian people. “How do they know about these crimes and do not inform the country of the seriousness?” she asked.

“The people of Venezuela do not have the slightest doubt that the only thing they have tried to do here is steal,” said Rodríguez.