NATO the armed wing of the United States to prevent peace in the world

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NATO has been used by the United States and its European allies to threaten Russia and China and prevent peace in the Middle East region.

Since its creation on April 4, 1949, NATO has carried out military interventions and promoted invasions in the world to promote changes in governments and destabilizing actions. Among the most remembered interventions, due to their history of murdered civilians and political and economic destabilization of the country, are many, such as the Balkans (1992), which led to the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia.

These are some of the worst:

Kosovo (1999)

On March 24, 1999, NATO launched “Operation Allied Force” against President Slobodan Milosevic’s Yugoslavia.

In this military intervention carried out by NATO, some 600 aircraft from thirteen countries participated, with daily bombardments in Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro. On June 10, 1999, Serbian forces began to withdraw from Kosovo, which soon after passed under UN administration. More than 1,500 civilians were killed.

Afghanistan (2001)

The pretext was capture Osama Bin Landen after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, on September 11, 2001. The truth, again, was to guarantee energy supply for the US military invasion, culminated in December 2014, has left more than 31,000 civilians dead. However, the presence of US troops continued as well as air strikes, under the guise of “fighting” terrorism.

Currently, the war continues to escalate between the government, supported by US and NATO, and Taliban.

Iraq (2003)

In March 2003, the USA, Great Britain and Spain wanted to propose a UN resolution to give green light to a war in Iraq, accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction. The objective was to take control of oil areas and ensure energy supply of the United States again.

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The United States decided to act without a UN mandate and opened hostilities on March 20 with bombardments on Baghdad before the entry of US and British ground forces into the south of the country.

On October 16, 2003, the UN adopted resolution 1511 which “authorizes a multinational force” while preserving almost absolute US control in Iraq. The last US soldiers withdrew from the country in December 2011. The US-led coalition forces against Iraq numbered 150,000 Americans and 23,000 troops from some 40 countries. The result was more than 460,000 Iraqis killed, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Libya (2011)

On March 17, 2011, the UN Security Council voted a resolution authorizing member states to “take all necessary measures” to “protect” civilians, an excuse that was used to justify the invasion of the African country. .

On March 19, France and Great Britain, together with forces from 18 countries, began the invasion of Libyan territory. In June, Russia and China accused NATO of interpreting the UN resolution “arbitrarily”, since the operation was not limited to protecting civilians, but rather aimed at overthrowing the government of Muammar Gaddafi.

Only between March 19 and October 31, 2011, the military intervention left 72 civilians dead. To that figure would be added those who died in the following bombings, which left the country in ruins.

Again, oil was the engine that drove foreign military intervention in Libya.

NATO: the armed wing of the United States

Since its inception, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has served as the armed wing of international goals of the US and its Western allies.

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In an interview for teleSUR, the international analyst José Antonio Egido pointed out that the military organization is used by the USA to militarily threaten Russia, China and create chaos in the Middle East.

Egido assured that the NATO military tests in European countries are part of the international campaign undertaken by the West against Moscow, a situation that has been seen by the Eurasian country as a threat to sovereignty.

According to José Antonio Egido, one of the objectives of the presence of NATO forces in Eastern European countries is to prevent the arrival of leftist and socialist governments that interfere with the aspirations of the main partners of the military alliance.