Nagorno-Karabakh war roundup 10/08/2020 (video+photos)

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Nagorno-Karabakh war roundup 10/08/2020 (video+photos)

*Azerbaijan’s MOD declared:

The enemy was defeated seriously in various directions of the front

On October 7,
during the day, as a result of the strikes inflicted by the Azerbaijan Army during the combat operations conducted in various directions of the front, the enemy suffered heavy losses.
As a result of the strikes inflicted by our troops, up to ten tanks, six D-20 guns-howitzer, one self-propelled artillery “Akatsia”, up to thirty vehicles, and a large number of enemy manpower were destroyed.
A group of soldiers of the units located in the defense responsibility area of the 1st and 7th regiments of the Armenian armed forces, leaving their combat positions without permission, fled.

* The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense announces the shelling of settlements around Nagorno-Karabakh from the Armenian side. There are dead and wounded.

*In turn, units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired on the capital of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, the city of Stepanakert, yesterday evening and tonight.

*Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that Baku does not report combat losses, because this information is a state secret and will be made public only after the end of hostilities.

*Possibly mercenarie Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Militants corpses who were fighting along Armenia forces

*Armenian MOD published a new destruction of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces video

Azerbaijan’s MOD published Propaganda work among the civilian population and personnel continues

The propaganda work carried out within the framework of moral and psychological support measures during the counter-offensive operations continues.
The appeals, congratulations and words of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, as well as the appeals of the military command and information on the victories are promptly delivered to the personnel and civilians.
The purpose of the campaign is to further strengthen the Army-People’s Union, highlight the strength and success of our Army in battles, as well as promote the fighting spirit and determination of the personnel who fought valiantly in battles.
The events, which were greeted with enthusiasm by the personnel and civilians living in the frontline zone, were accompanied by military-patriotic songs and marches broadcast on mobile sound stations.

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*Armenia MOD Press conference

*Nagorno-Karabakh Map fighting as reported by the Armenian (blue circle) and Azeri (black) sides
Nagorno-Karabakh Map fighting  as reported by the Armenian (blue circle) and Azeri (black) sides

*UAV Harop shot down in Nagorno-Karabakh today
UAV Harop shot down in Nagorno-Karabakh today
UAV Harop shot down in Nagorno-Karabakh today
UAV Harop shot down in Nagorno-Karabakh today

* Armenian troops trenches in Karabakh

*Ilham Aliyev accused Armenia of using ballistic missiles at cities
Ilham Aliyev accused Armenia of using ballistic missiles at cities

*Units of the Armenian / NKR Armed Forces in the south of Karabakh destroyed four crews of D-30 howitzers of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and shot down two drones.

*Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense of publishes footage of destroyed armored vehicles of the adjacent side in the area of Horadiz, including a large number of T-72 tanks

*The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry publishes footage of strikes on objects of the Armenian / NKR Armed Forces, including ammunition depots, in the conflict zone in Nagorno-Karabakh.

*Moment of the Russian military commander Yuri Kotenk evacuation , who was seriously wounded as a result of an attack by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on a church in the city of Shushi in Karabakh.

At the moment, the journalist is in critical condition. It is operated by local specialists.

*The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry publishes new footage of strikes on targets of the Armenian / NKR Armed Forces in the conflict zone.
Bayraktar TB2 drones are firing at closed positions of the adjacent side.

*The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry is publishing new footage of captured military equipment from Armenia

*This is how’s Yerevan today. A minimum of people, a minimum of celebration and noise. wartime tension is felt.

*Cruel footage, a damaged tank of the Armed Forces of Armenia and an Armenian forced to shout Karabakh Azerbaijan. 18+

*Azerbaijan Armed Forces personnel Losses 21+

*”In the course of the operational-search actions undertaken by the National Security Service [of Armenia], factual data were obtained that N.M., appointed under martial law as the deputy commander of the communications platoon of military unit N of the Defense Army [NKR] and who served in the military position N, together with the foreman of the same position, spread false rumors among his colleagues that the Armenian authorities had reached an agreement on the surrender of territories. He expressed the opinion that in such conditions, their fulfillment of combat missions is meaningless. ”
/ statement of the RA NSS /

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According to Sputnik Armenia, the actions of the detainee significantly affected the moral and psychological state of the servicemen, some of whom, succumbing to the provocation, left their place of service and refused to fulfill their military duty.

*Armenia’s servicemens corpses 18+

*The shelling of journalists in Shushi was deliberate – Armenian Foreign Ministry

Press secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry Anna Naghdalyan said that on October 8, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces deliberately re-attacked the Cathedral of the Holy Christ the All-Savior Kazanchetsots and journalists carrying out their professional activities

“This aims to hinder the documentation and submission of war crimes of the Azerbaijani army to the international community.”

Armenian Foreign Ministry called on the international community, human rights organizations specializing in freedom of speech to pay attention to the fact of violent violation of the right to receive information

Earlier it became known that Yuri Kotenok was seriously wounded during repeated shelling, he was operated on

Today, a lot of information ran through the network, but little confirmed, it should be noted that President Putin invited the leaders of the countries in conflict to a meeting in Moscow, this’s a light on peace path, of this cruel war.

But for the moment, I unfortunately invite you for tomorrow, there will be another report of the most relevant of this Nagorno-Karabakh war.

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