Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Summing-up 09/29/2020

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Summing up the results of the third day of hostilities.

The main result was the impossibility of either side to achieve a decisive result. However, for the Armenian it’s hardly achievable, since counterattacks to return the lost territory will lead to large losses with an unknown result, and as we have already noted, the war of attrition is definitely not included in the plans of the Armenian military.

Similarly, for the Azerbaijani side – there was an attempt to maximize the security of its forces and strike at the enemy with artillery and UAVs, simultaneously opening the long-term defense system and trying to track the maneuver of forces. At the same time, pressure was created on the defense of the Armenians at different points in order to constantly keep the enemy in tension and not give an opportunity to reveal the direction of the main attack.

As already noted, the agenda of the information war has changed dramatically, numerous (against the background of the previous two days) photo and video materials began to appear on both sides, which provide an outside observer with somewhat more food for thought and analysis.

Until now, the major powers have not expressed themselves unambiguously, which gives the Azerbaijani side, first of all, a certain head start in conducting active hostilities without serious pressure from outside.

It is obvious that tomorrow the battles will be fought with the same, and possibly even greater intensity.

Secret news from Armenia and Azerbaijan:

– The Armenian and Azerbaijani mass media greatly underestimate the real figures of the dead.
(We know the real numbers and this is just fucked up, but for the safety of the person who shared this information, we will not publish it)

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– There are continuous battles around the clock, there are a lot of victims of both soldiers and civilians

– Soldiers of the Armenian army are forbidden to disseminate information about the number of victims, punishment up to a tribunal

– Azerbaijani troops are choosing places of deployment of their troops in residential settlements, Armenian troops have no choice but to bomb residential settlements

– Mercenaries are fighting from different countries, mainly fighting for the Azerbaijani Air Force, therefore they are the most working tactics of battle, one of them is the deployment of artillery in residential areas.

– Armenia’s losses are several times less than those of Azerbaijan
(unofficial information)

The Armenian Ministry of Defense claims 790 killed and about 1900 wounded servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces during the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.

For military equipment:
137 units of tanks and armored vehicles,
72 drones,
7 helicopters,
1 plane.