Nagorno-Karabakh conflict summary October, 30, 2020

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Armenian Armed Forces / NKR anti-tank missile system against armored vehicles of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces at the front in Karabakh.

*Detonation of ammunition as a result of strikes on one of the storage facilities of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan … officially.

*Uzbekistan , Samarkand, hosted a meeting of the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the CIS countries.

Among the military leaders was representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Watch the social distancing

*Armenian Army Women’s Volunteer Unit

*Iran deployed its army northwest along the Aras River.
122mm Howitzer D-30 and Haseb 107mm MRLS equipment seen in Safir 4×4 “Jeep”

*Units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are allegedly using white phosphorus ammunition at the front in Karabakh.

*The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan publishes footage of strikes on targets of the Armenian / NKR Armed Forces, as well as the manpower of the adjacent side.

In the first seconds of the video, a defeat was recorded, presumably, of the P-18 radar, the destruction of which was mentioned in the morning message of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense.

Another “Osa” anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed

On October 30, at about 20:25, our units destroyed the “Osa” anti-aircraft missile system of the Armenian armed forces in the Aghdam direction of the front.

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*As a result Geneva meeting the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed not to aim at civilians and non-military targets.

No concrete steps to establish a long-term truce. So the war continues …

Alexander Kharchenko

*The OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs in their statement reported on the results of the talks with the participation of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Geneva.

According to the statement, the parties agreed to urgently take a number of steps, including:

-Parties will not deliberately target civilians or non-military targets in accordance with international humanitarian law

-The parties will actively participate in operations to find and exchange remains on the battlefield, providing the ICRC and the personal representative of the current OSCE head with the necessary security guarantees

-The parties will hand over the list of prisoners of war to the ICRC and the personal representative of the current head of the OSCE within a week in order to ensure access to them and possible exchange;

-The parties will submit in writing comments and questions regarding possible mechanisms for verifying the ceasefire, in accordance with paragraph 2 of the joint statement of 10 October.

It is also noted that the parties held an open and substantive exchange of views aimed at clarifying their negotiating positions on key elements of a comprehensive settlement in accordance with paragraph 3 of the joint statement of October 10.

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