Nagorno-Karabakh battle summary 10/16/2020 (Fhotos and Video)

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*Statement of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan:
– during October 15 and October 16 night, the operational situation in the Agdera-Agdam and Fizuli-Hadrut directions of the front remained tense.

– a large number of manpower, 2 T-72 tanks, 1 BM-21 Grad MLRS, 5 D-30 howitzers, 2 ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” and 8 automobile units were destroyed and disabled in different directions of the front enemy equipment with ammunition.

Also, according to military department information, military personnel of the 18th motorized rifle division, the 5th mountain rifle regiment, the 10th regiment, and the 9th motorized rifle regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces are conducting defense in the areas.

*The Luxembourg parliament unanimously condemned the unleashing of military actions against the NKR by Azerbaijan and the Turkish, military-political support to Baku.

*Consequences of yesterday’s shelling of the village of Krasny Bazar in Nagorno-Karabakh.

*Destruction of Azerbaijan Armed Forces military equipment bases- Armenian Defense Ministry.

*The Armenian column was ambushed by the adjacent side, the consequences on the video … 18+

*Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan with the head of a presumed killed Armenian serviceman. According to armenian media side, these people are from the 701st motorized rifle brigade.By the way, this brigade has been taking part in the hostilities in Karabakh since 1991.

*The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry demonstrates Armenian Armed Forces are using operational-tactical missile on Ordubad region .

*Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated that he has information about the transportation of weapons to Yerevan from Russia by contraband on civilian planes, but Moscow assured him otherwise.

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Iran and Georgia closed their borders for the supply of weapons to Armenia, the head of state noted.

Ilham Aliyev also stressed that Azerbaijan has no plans to transfer hostilities to the territory of Armenia.

Baku also doesn’t intend to ask for military assistance from Turkey or Pakistan.

*Iran is deploying additional military units to the border with Azerbaijan amid today’s shelling from the conflict zone.

*The Azerbaijani soldiers is said to be on Kelbejar (Karvachar) outskirts.
According to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, already 53 settlements of Nagorno-Karabakh are under the control of Baku.

*The movement of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan military convoy in the territories of Karabakh that came under their control, presumably in the Jebrail direction.

*Iran has again warned Armenia and Azerbaijan about the possibility of a military response in case of a repeat of today’s shelling of Islamic Republic territory , as a result of which one person was injured.

*Kommersant newspaper military-diplomatic sources assert it the current serious aggravation of the conflict over Nagorono-Karabakh was deliberately planned and provoked by Turkey.

According to them, over the past months, Ankara has actively provoked Baku to unleash hostilities under the promise of comprehensive political, diplomatic, intelligence and military-technical support.

Earlier, the US and French authorities spoke about Turkey’s direct intervention in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

*Missil attack by Armenia Armed Forces.

-Then Ganja paid the price,despite the ceasefire agreement. Ganja is the second largest city in Azerbaijan with a half a million population and it is at least 100 km away from war zone.

-Ganja According to the first information – a missile of the R-17 Elbrus complex hit a residential building

-Rocket explosion caught on video

*Ilham Aliyev made an interesting admission regarding the delivery of weapons to Armenia:

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“According to the information we have, smuggled weapons have been sent from Georgia territory by civilian and cargo planes. Recently, Armenia bought a plane.

According to the information we have, the plane was purchased for about $ 30-40 million. This plane was bought by wealthy Armenian businessmen living in Russia: Karapetyan, Abrahamyan and others. They send some Armenians living in Russia to fight as mercenaries against us in Karabakh.

In addition, the acquisition of this Il-76 aircraft allowed Armenia to smuggle weapons to Armenia. Because every time you send military goods, this is declared. In their declarations, this is a civilian cargo. However, there are “Kornets” (anti-tank weapons), “Competition” (anti-tank weapons), “Igla” (air defense).

At the same time, according to the information we have, smuggled missiles are being delivered. Therefore, we officially turned to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization – Ed.) So that ICAO would investigate this issue, stop it. This is considered an international crime. Sending contraband weapons to Armenia is unacceptable. ”

In all fairness, there were IL-76s in the Armenian Air Force, and it would be strange not to use them in strategic transportation.

Well…I don’t want say , see us tomorrow for more of this war, but…