More than 4,500,000 Bolivarian Militia troops deployed throughout Venezuela

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More than 4,500,000 Bolivarian Militia troops deployed throughout Venezuela.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, reported the Bolivarian National Militia has exceeded 4,500,000 armed, trained and mobilized troops for the comprehensive defense of the country in civic-military union.

During another working day, the Head of State held a videoconference with Bolivarian National Militia bases command teams to show the immense deployment in Venezuelan territory with various civic-military tasks in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic and attacks of all kinds that the imperial regime governs the United States attempts.

The Bolivarian National Militia has exceeded the goal of 4 million 500 thousand, we are going for 4 million 512 thousand 352 militiamen voluntarily registered; trained, indoctrinated, and step by step, uniformed and armed for the integral defense of our Homeland ”, said the National President, who set the new goal of 5 million for 2021.

It showed data on the civic-military organization of this component of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), in accordance with its Constitutional Law.

In addition, 14,383 Popular Bases of Integral Defense, which are coordinated with 14,383 electoral centers in the country. “Thus it was organized to have a territorial and population presence, with detail inch by inch in the territory.”

In the grassroots organizations, in each community, between 20 and 30 militiamen are grouped in 51,360 Popular Units of Integral Defense, activated, disciplined, moralized and mobilized.

“The Bolivarian National Militia is the People’s Military Power of the nation, people’,” declared the national leader, who was with the Minister of People’s Power for Defense, General Vladimir Padrino López; the operational strategic commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Admiral in Chief Remigio Ceballos, and the commander of the Militia, Bernal Martínez.

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The head of state thanked the Venezuelan men and women integrated into a civic-military unit, who have been deployed for endless activities in favor of the people.

He listed just some of the tasks that the militiamen perform, in addition to comprehensive defense, especially now in the midst of the pandemic. They are present in hospitals, Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers (treat patients referred from clinics, in order to perform special tests that allow identifying their specific situation), sanitary hotels, the Poliedro de Caracas (hospital camp to treat covid) and the Integral Social Assistance Points at the borders (PASI). In addition, they collaborate in cleaning and disinfection in the territory, citizen safety and guidance during quarantine to respect social distance.

They are in the fight against the pandemic on the front line, ”Maduro celebrated. “They are mobilized contributing to health, security, food, the beauty of the homeland, supporting everything. The Militia is a miracle. Thank God we have this Militia re-founded by Commander Chávez Frías ”.