More evidence implicating Guaido in Operation Gideon

More evidence implicating Guaido in Operation Gideon

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A US law firm addressed a letter to Juan Guaidó to collect $ 1.5 million owed to the Silvercorp company, executor of the failed operation Gideon.

The Government of Venezuela has released another document that proves the link of the right-wing deputy Juan Guaidó with the armed incursion of May 3 last whose purpose was to attack President Nicolás Maduro.

More evidence implicating Guaido in Operation Gideon

Five days before that armed incursion was perpetrated, the law firm Volk Law, located in Florida, USA, sent a letter to Guaidó for the overdue payment of $ 1.5 million owed to the Silvercorp USA company for the contract signed between the leader and general manager of the company, Jordan Goudreau, to carry out, among other violent plans, the assassination of President Maduro.

In the letter, sent on April 28, the law firm details the commitment assumed with Silvercorp USA, contemplated “an initial payment of 1.5 million dollars within five days after the signing of the General Services Agreement, on April 16, October 2019 ”, the retention of which corresponds to the prior evaluation of the service provider and administrative fees.

In addition to Guaidó, the letter is addressed to other signatories of the contract such as Juan José Rendón, Sergio Vergara and Manuel Retureta. It was also forwarded to Carlos Vecchio and Fernando Blasi.

After the incursion of May 3, Goudreau claimed the action – called Operation Gideon – and revealed the contract, accusing Guaidó of not fulfilling the commitments made with his company.

In an interview granted in those days to an international media , Rendón confirmed that the paramilitary incursion on the Venezuelan coasts had terrorist objectives, while saying that Guaidó knew the purpose of the contract he signed.

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Another objective of the operation, coordinated from Colombia by the US Office of Drug Administration and Control (DEA) with the support of drug trafficking, was to continue dispossessing the country’s assets, as well as seize oil, gold and other natural resources from Venezuela.