More evidence, from Colombian War against Venezuela


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We already publish a post about Colombian War against VenezuelaColombia’s war against Venezuela Now I’ll show you, Jorge Rodriguez presenting more evidence.

In the video, it demonstrates the criminals that Colombia protects :

Carmona Estanga :

He participated in the Coup d’etat Venezuela 2002, It’s hidden in Colombia

Carmona Estanga

Julio Borges:
, is accused of attempting to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro

Among other things, that coward didn’t help a child who, his driver ran over, and let him die It’s hidden in Colombia

Cliver Alcalá

Coordinated paramilitary actions from Colombia It`s hidden in Colombia


José Olivares y Gabriela Arellano
José Olivares y Gabriela Arellano

They tried to enter enemy troops into Venezuela It’s hidden in Colombia

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