More details of the failed operation Gideon: Israeli units was awaiting in The U.S. Fourth Fleet

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On judgment No. 89 issued by the Criminal Chamber of the Court this Thursday by Venezuela’s requests Colombia to hand over three soldiers and two civilians to Venezuela, indicated as taking part in Operation Gideon. The ruling describes step by step the planning and Gideon’s plan execution, attempt launched on May 3 in Macuto (La Guaira) with the financing of “national and international far-right” organizations, the file refers.

Operation Gideon was planned from Colombia with the advice of the US Special Services and the active participation of military deserters who are protected in Colombian and US territory, among them the majors of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) Carlos Alberto Marcano Vásquez, Juven José Sequea Torres, Juvenal Sequea Torres, Captain Antonio José Sequea Torres, captains (active reserve) Víctor Alejandro Pimienta Salazar, José Manuel Ramos López, General Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera and Iván Antonio Simonovis Aranguren. These last two are resident in the USA.

The Criminal Chamber approved to request the extradition from Colombia of the brothers Juven and Juvenal Sequea, as well as Simonovis. It is precisely in that sentence it’s the reference to the Israeli commandos appears.

The plans envisaged by the leaders of Operation Gideon would be carried out through two lines of action, one military, directed and planned by Captain Antonio José Sequea Torres. This line included attacks on military units as a distraction element for unit State security , “in order to lead them to attrition to carry out a main military operation that would have the following objectives: liberation of MG. (RA) Miguel Rodríguez Torres and subsequent transfer to the headquarters of the Sebin, to articulate the control of that intelligence body; GJ’s release. (RA) Raúl Isaías Baduel, as well as the assault on the main building of the Dgcim, public order disturbances ”, the sentence outlines.

Israeli units

And the second line of action is an operation with the Administration for Drug Control (DEA) which would be articulated by Major (GNB) Juvenal Sequea Torres. This phase consisted of the entry of mercenaries into the national territory, to carry out the kidnapping of the president Nicolás Maduro Moros and Captain Diosdado Cabello Rondón. “Two platoons of Israeli commandos would participate in the group of mercenaries, who are in the Caribbean Sea aboard the IV US Fleet, under the direction of Admiral Craig Faller, head of the Southern Command of the US Armed Forces, Justifying the Operation according to the unfounded accusations against the Venezuelan State as Narco State ”, reveals the sentence.

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Precisely on Wednesday, April 1, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced the dispatch to the Caribbean Sea of ​​a military naval force that he described as “an enhanced operation to combat drug trafficking.” That announcement came a month before the landing in Macuto of a first outpost of Operation Gideon, made up of former Venezuelan and US soldiers, from the Colombian Guajira.

On May 3, the Special Actions Force (FAES) repelled said maritime incursion in Macuto where they intended to land eleven subjects, six of them identified as Robert Levid Colina Ibarra, alias Pantera, leader of that command; Anderson Smith, Cesar Andrés Perales Sequea, Víctor Daniel Parra, José Roberto Facundo and Fabián Rodríguez Salazar, according to the file.

Likewise, three of them got off the boat and fled “trying to blend in with the rocks of the seawall, being apprehended by officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) and identified as José Armando Alvarado Flores, Wilmer Oswaldo Salinas Sánchez and Enderson Israel Ríos Marín ”.

That same day, the security agencies captured a fourth individual identified as José Alberto Socorro Fernández, alias El Maracucho Caimán, “who stated that he was in the place waiting for the mercenaries to house them in a residence in Macuto.”

The following day, security agencies captured 10 individuals in Chuao (Ara) who would also act in Operation Gideon, including Airan Berry and Luke Alexander Denman, former US military personnel. Berry and Denman are part of the Silvercorp company, whose spokesman Jordan Goudreau, a former member of the Special Forces of the North American Army, exhibited a contract signed with deputy Juan Guaidó (Popular Will politic party) to carry out the different operations of the Gideon aimed at to control the Venezuelan territory and install the opposition leader in Miraflores.

Morocha Gate

In parallel, officials from the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence(Dgcim) learned through a complaint that Captain Dimas Omar Murillo Rubio was recruiting people to take the Bolivarian National Guard posts,Puerta Morocha and Intevep, (Los Teques) and take the weapons park and VN4s( VN-4, nicknamed the “Rhinoceros”, is a multi-role light armoured personnel carrier that can be used for police forces, armored troops, peacekeeping and anti-terrorism.) in order to move to the National Center of Military Prosecutors, Cenapromil, (Ramo Verde) to free prisoners allied with the opposition, who would also participate in Operation Gideon planned actions .

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For these actions, the first lieutenant in active reserve (RA) Alemán Castellanos, maintained communication with Alister Chacón Holguín, who had the mission of locating three buses for the transfer of those deprived of liberty from Cenapromil to the Presidential Palace of Miraflores, the sentence describes .

The investigations also determined that Richard Rafael Alemán Castellano, Ángelo Moisés Rosales Santos, Gerardo José Coticche Guerra, Ronny Adelso Olivares Moreno and Víctor Alfonso Perozo Duran entered the Verde Canaima hotel, located at kilometer 20 of the Pan-American highway, for from There, they participate in the taking of Cenapromil with the participation of Captain Franklin Antonio Leal Mendoza and First Sergeant José Ojeda Alvarado, who serve in said detention center, and after releasing the detainees, they move to the city of Caracas in 3 buses and 2 VN4 tanks, to attack the headquarters of Sebin, Dgcim and Palacio de Miraflores.

This plan was frustrated because the security agencies captured the compromised military in rooms 20, 23, 63 and 64, who were wearing military garments and were heavily armed at the time, the sentence of the Criminal Chamber outlined.

The list of 68. Seven days after the frustrated incursion in Macuto, specifically on May 10, officials attached to Sebin carried out a technical inspection related to the discovery of a removable memory, Adata brand, micro SD HC, with 4G capacity, which was located inside the left pocket of one of the military uniforms seized from those apprehended in Macuto.

Technical recognition and extraction of manual content signed with the number PAC-012-IGEC-05-2020 was carried out, in which a list of sixty-seven people linked to Operation Gideon is attached.

Major Juvenal Sequea Torres
Sgt. 1 ° José Manuel Mendoza González
Sgt. 1st Jackson Leiner Taquiva Becerra
Sgt. 1st Jeremy Jesús González López
Cnel. Félix Adonaí Mata Sanguinetti
Sgt. 2nd José Alexander Sanguino Escalante
Mayor Juven José Sequea Torres
Tcnel. Nelson Horacio Morantes González
Tcnel. Ilich Alberto Sánchez Farías
Major Carlos Alberto Marcano Vásquez
chap. Betancourt Francisco Onofre
chap. Ricardo Alfredo Rojas Machado
Tcnel Soto Manzanares Rafael Pablo
chap. Rivas Pérez Henry José
2nd Sgt Ricardo David Fonseca Mosquera
Com. Douglas Javier Contreras Arellano
Officer Oscar Leonardo Aguillón Garcés
chap. Jesus Manuel Ramos Lopez
chap. Juan Luis Gutierrez Aranguren
1st Tnte Jimmy José Montesinos Olivar
1st. Jairo Rafael Bethermytt Carrillo
Tnte. Junior De Jesus Silva
Tnte. Victor Daniel Parra
Sgt. Major 3rd Edgar Alexander Torres Valera
Sgt. 1st Rawuy José Rosales Farías
Sgt. 1st Alexander José Chávez Mogollón
Sgt. 1st José Ibienay Ruiz Delgado
Sgt. 1st Miguel Ángel Plaza Méndez
Sgt. 1st Anthony José Reyes
Sgt. 2nd Jonathan Rafael Franco Quiñonez
Sgt. 2nd Rafael Enrique Castro Sandoval
Sgt. 2nd Gustavo Enrique Álvarez Granadillo
Sgt. Major 3rd José Rafael Blanco Volcano
Sgt. Major 3rd Jesús Alberto Colmenares Gallardo
Sgt. Major 3rd José Antonio Moreno Peñaloza
Sgt. Major 3rd Evans Antonio Rincón Piñeiro
Office Add Jefferson Jesús Herrera Apolón
Cesar Junior Altamar Sarmiento
Samaira Del Valle Romero Wardrobe
Sgt. 1st Rafael David Rosendo Rivero
Sgt. 1st Orlando Gabriel Aquino López
Sgt. 2nd Junior Enrique Vivas Colmenares
Brian Rafael Pérez Astudillo
Sgt. 2nd Adonay Enrique Ocando García
Sgt. 1st Omar Gardel Palumbo Flores
Sgt. Major 3rd Yully Andreina Díaz Martínez
Sgt. Major 3rd Andrea Carolina Chacón Cifuentes
Sgt. 2nd Juan Fred Acosta
Detective Sondans Leroy Cortes Cortez
Officer Jean Carlos Colmenares
Officer Brando Nilson Paz Roches
Sgt. 1st Joel Alexander Aranda Somoza
Official. Added Esteban Alfredo Miranda Cruz
1st Tnte. Rayder Russo Marquez
Sgt. Major 3rd Rainier Alexander Álvarez Castellano
Sgt. Major 3rd Angel Orlando Perdomo Hurtado
Tnte. José Ángel Barrero Cordones
Sgt. 1st Leonardo Chirinos Parra
Ivan Antonio Simonovis Aranguren
Cliver Antonio Alcalá Cordones
Sergio De Jesus Vergara González
Juan José Rendón Delgado
Orlando Alberto Laufer Hernandez
Carla Rosaura Da Silva Moreno
Alejandro Enrique Torres Rodriguez
Juan Jose Mujica Camacho
Yorman Antonio Araujo Torrealba
Juan De Jesus Castillo Cabrera

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The magistrates concluded “the above-identified citizens are part of a group of organized crime that was associated with the purpose of carrying out terrorist acts, undermining the democratic order of the Nation, as well as for promotion of actions aimed at achieving destabilization and destruction of the fundamental political structures of the country. … ”.