Mercosur Parliament confirmed 32 people murder and systematic violation of human rights at Bolivia

Mercosur Parliament confirmed 32 people murder and systematic violation of human rights at Bolivia

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Mercosur Parliament, known also as Parlasur, or Parlasul, is the parliamentary institution of the Mercosur trade bloc. It is composed of 81 MPs, 18 from each member states of the bloc – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – and 9 from applying member Venezuela. Associate members – Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – may also hold seats in the Parliament, but with no voting powers.

A delegation of the Mercosur Parliament (Parlasur) found in Bolivia the murder of 32 people and the systematic violation of human rights by by the self-proclaimed government installed after the coup d’etat perpetrated against President Evo Morales, on November 10.

In a session of Parlasur, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, the president of the Human Rights Commission of the regional organization, Cecilia Merchán, released the report of the activities carried out by the commission during her stay in Bolivia on November 27 and 28 past.

“The delegation of the Committee on Citizenship and Human Rights set out a large agenda during November 27 and 28, 2019 in Plurinational State of Bolivia territory after events that were constituted as a civic-military coup and according to the mandate approved in Declaration 64/2019 by plenary session of the MERCOSUR Parliament, ”said the deputy.

She explained that they held meetings with all political blocs, with human rights organizations, with the Ombudsman’s Office, which received the most complaints, and maintained direct contact with the testimonies of the victims.

“We have confirmed the murder of 32 people with heavy caliber weapons, more than 800 people injured, including a girl. There have been arbitrary detentions, as well as burning houses, torture and public harassment, “said Merchán.

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He noted that the judiciary didn’t guarantee “nor guarantee the most basic rights to life and physical integrity in Bolivia at this time, there are still more than a thousand people detained, 54 people who don’t have defense or due process.”

Merchán said “we must demand a law of constitutional guarantees so that everyone can participate in the process of restructuring, of restarting a democratic life.”

She also requested presence of international organizations that can ensure the correct development of the next electoral process in Bolivia.

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