Mercenary John Heath Mattew captured in Venezuela will be accused of terrorism (Photos )

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Venezuela presents evidence against US mercenary John Heath Mattew captured in Venezuela

Tarek William Saab said that the American mercenary seized grenade launchers, submachine gun, C4 and photos of oil and military targets.

According to new investigations carried out by the Public Ministry, the spy detained in Falcón recently had in his possession photos of strategic institutions and high-caliber weapons, said the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab.

“The American was found photographs of oil and military installations in Zulia and Falcón states. In the inspection carried out on the vehicle, a coin was found inside one of the bags that links it to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States ”, he confirmed.

During its intervention, Saab detailed that in the vehicle in the detainees were traveling, they also found a satellite phone, three cell phones, a cap with a logo alluding to a State agency, an 84 mm AT4 grenade launcher, a 9-caliber UZI submachine gun. mm, four rectangular pieces of suspected explosive material (C4) and money in foreign currency.

He explained that this was carried out with the support of stateless military and civilians, financed not to participate in a patronal party or sporting event, no humanitarian aid; in what appears as a new aggression action against Venezuela with US participation.

Tarek William Saab indicated that last Friday, September 11, the MP was informed about the planning of espionage and sabotage activities by US intelligence agents and Venezuelan collaborators. These activities range from the military and state industries, which include the National Electric Service, as well as the oil industry.

For this reason, through the 54th National Prosecutor’s Office, an arrest warrant against Marcos Antonio Garcés Carapaica was requested before the 1st Control Court with Competence in Cases Related to Crimes Associated with Terrorism. In addition to the arrest warrant against Darwin Andreizo Urdaneta Pardo and Reinaldo Enrique Finol; for the alleged commission of treason and association.
US marine spy sized
“These citizens had planned the entry of US agents to our territory, using the border axis of the Colombian Guajira, to later obtain strategic information on the Amuay refinery,” said the Prosecutor.

He highlighted that this action was carried out in order to carry out possible sabotage actions, as well as military units in Zulia and Falcón; and the planning of illicit drug trafficking actions from Colombia to Aruba. For this, they would use Venezuelan territory to prop up the campaign of discredit and aggression imposed by the US Government against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Matthew Jhon Heath belonged to the mercenary contractor MVM, serving a mission in Iraq from 2006 to 2016 three months per year; where he served as a communications operator at the CIA’s Secret Base.

“All these events are described in the document signed by the head of the US Southern Command, Admiral Kurt Tidd, called -Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan dictatorship, Master coup-, dated February 2018”, emphasized Tarek William Saab