Meet India’s Swadeshi Machine Gun ‘ASMI’

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Indian Army and DRDO develop India’s first Swadeshi submachine gun ‘ASMI’

Reportedly, Prasad Bansod, a lieutenant colonel at the Moe Infantry School, within 4 months developed and introduced a metal and composite product that could compete with the Uzi. PP “Asmi” (translated as pride, respect), if it didn’t become a complete copy of an Israeli product, then due to the use of composite materials (frame) and the equipment of the model with attachment points for various “body kits ”

“Asmi” is considered an inexpensive alternative to “Uzi” for the army, police and private security companies, whose main advantage is the simplicity of design and ease of maintenance with a 3D printer. The new PP is considering the possibility of arming the crews of armored vehicles and transport units, aviation, special forces.

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