Massacre perpetrated by terrorist militants in the Nigerian settlement. Koshobe footages (18)

Imágenes de la masacre perpetrada por militantes terroristas en el asentamiento nigeriano. Koshobe (18)

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At least 110 civilians were killed in the massacre perpetrated by terrorist militants in the Nigerian settlement. Koshobe. Unknown terrorists attacked residents working in a rice field, tied and killed them, and some were beheaded. The Borno state governor, who attended the funeral of some of the victims, said the death toll could rise as more bodies are found. There are also suspicions that the militants kidnapped several women.

The terrorist attack shook Nigerian society and many political forces in the country accused the incumbent president of failing to fulfill electoral promises and guaranteeing security in the country. In addition, the massacre took place on a day when regional elections were held in the state. So far, neither group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, this district of Borno State is known to be included in the Islamic State area of ​​operations.

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