Spain: Mass misleading propaganda on Facebook to encourage abstention on leftwing voter

Mass misleading propaganda on Facebook to encourage abstention on leftwing voter.Thousands of euros invested in Facebook and Instagram to demobilize the leftist vote, has been promoted by a worker of a company hired by the PP (Partido Popular).

Javier Ager Solano, paid more than 17,000 euros in deceptive ads on Facebook to demobilize left vote or attack all parties except the PP. Among those publications paid by Ager Solano on social media.(example👇)

don't count on me
don’t count on me

The PP stands out from everything, and ensures these are personal initiatives without any coordination or knowledge by the party.

Misleading propaganda’s abundant. It’s behind eight fake Facebook pages that have been calling for abstention about months as a punishment against all parties. Against all but the PP.

PP Ager Solano invested more than 17,000 euros in segmented ads and “came out of his pocket ” as an individual initiative, according to the PP, a party that now speaks of Ager as a mere sympathizer. However, as eldiario.es has learned, this young militant was in charge of the social media of the party in Murcia and has participated in meetings with the heads of the PP, Pablo Casado and the secretary general Teodoro García Egea party, as It demonstrates the image below.

Ager Solano and Pablo Casado
Ager Solano and Pablo Casado

Denying everything and aiming at a personal initiative of a supporter has become the answer of the PP, when he’s appointed as responsible for a campaign of intoxication in social networks. In March, when eldiario.es revealed that a PP worker and a New Generation militant were behind a swarm of fake Twitter accounts to promote Pablo Casado, the PP denied it and said he cannot control the “supporters and militants who do what they want at home. “Months later, Twitter confirmed the information in a report in which he directly accused the party of being directly responsible for that intoxication of the online political debate.

The ads promoted by the pages managed by Ager, and another one on behalf of the Association in Defense of the Interests of Spain, achieved 9 million views,newspaper El País has advanced on Wednesday. To this figure we must add another two million more views of another fake page, ‘Me with Íñigo’ (Iñigo is a new candidate for Spanish elections and has nothing to do with the PP), which has already invested between 3,600 and 5,800 euros to promote abstention specifically between PSOE voters and Unidas Podemos through Facebook and Instagram.

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