March 19, 2021, at the Yokosuka naval base, a ceremony was held for the acceptance of the large destroyer DDG 180 Haguro

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Japan Commissions New Maya-class AEGIS Destroyer JS Haguro はぐろ DDG-180 – Naval News
JS Haguro is the second and final vessel of the Maya-class of destroyers. It is also the eighth Aegis destroyer of the JMSDF. Her keel was laid in January 2018 and she was launched on July 17th 2019. First ship-in-class, DDG-179 JS Maya was commissioned on March 19 2020. The new class of destroyers comes with ballistic missile defense (BMD) capabilities. Each unit costs around US$1,5Bn and were being built at the JMU’s shipyard at Isogo Ward in Yokohama.

The Maya-class will be limited to just two ships. The next Japanese vessels to feature Aegis are the still unspecified “Aegis equipped ships” that will likely be ordered as a consequence to the cancelation of Aegis Ashore.

Like her sister-ship, the vessel is named after a mountain: Mount Haguro (羽黒山 Haguro-san). The previous vessel to bear this name was the famous heavy cruiser Haguro of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Commissioned in 1929, Haguro saw significant service during World War II, participating in nine naval engagements. She was sunk in 1945 during a fight with Royal Navy destroyers, one of the last major Japanese warships to be sunk in open waters during World War II.

About Maya-class
By Yoshihiro Inaba and Xavier Vavasseur

Originally known as 27DDG (This means that she was built in the FY2015 budget.), this new project of improved Aegis destroyers started in 2015. The new destroyer class is 170 meters long and displaces 8200 tons. She operates with a crew of 310 sailors, and features a COmbined Gas turbine-eLectric And Gas turbine (COGLAG) propulsion system.

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This new destroyer class will be limited to two units named after famous mountains in Japan: The first ship-in-class, JS Maya まや (DDG-179), had its keel laid in April 2017, was launched on July 30th 2018 and commissioned with the JMSDF on 19 March this year. Its sistership, JS Haguro はぐろ(DDG-180) had its keel laid in January 2018, was launched on July 17th 2019 and is currently conducting sea trials.

Each ship costs around US$1,5Bn and both were being built at the Japan Marine United (JMU) shipyard at Isogo Ward in Yokohama. The Maya-class is the first of JMSDF’s Aegis destroyers fitted with ballistic missile defense (BMD) capabilities from the design stage, and is also the first of Japan’s AEGIS fleet to be equipped with Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) from the start. The CEC allows the ship to receive targeting information from other assets, such as US Navy and Royal Australian Navy AEGIS destroyers or American and Japanese E-2D AEW&C aircraft. Japan has four E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft on order, with the first one delivered on March 29 to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.