Major Juvenal Sequea, and two others pleaded guilty in Colombia, for the failed Operation Gideon

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The GNB major, Juvenal Sequea, and two other men pleaded guilty this Friday in Bogotá, Colombia, for the failed Operation Gideon to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro and his administration last year, the AP agency reported.

At this Friday’s hearing before a Colombian court, the men acknowledged their role alongside Jordan Goudreau, a former American green beret and Iraq war veteran, in organizing an army of a few dozen Venezuelan military deserters with the intention of to overthrow the Venezuelan president. The plans included raiding military installations and the presidential palace, the portal highlights, but in Venezuela everyone knows that their intentions were also bloodshed and selective assassinations.

“I apologize to the Colombian government,” Major Juvenal Sequea told a judge in Bogotá when he and two others accepted lighter charges of providing advice and logistical support to illegal armed groups.

He also maintained that “I accept responsibility for my actions but I want people to understand that all this is the result of the consequences of what we Venezuelans are experiencing.”

Sequea and his co-defendant, Captain Juven Sequea, are the older brothers of the confessed commander of the failed May 3 raid, Captain Antonio Sequea, who is imprisoned in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital. The third person to plead guilty, Russian Rayder, is a civilian who has long sought the armed overthrow of Maduro.