M. Rajoy government spend € 500,000 of public money , to protect themselves from justice

El Gobierno de M. Rajoy gastó 500.000 € de fondos reservados de dinero público, para protegerse de la justicia

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M. Rajoy government spend € 500,000 of public money , to protect themselves from justice, by his slush fund.
And he used the political police to spy on Luis Bárcenas.

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The Government of Mariano Rajoy used public money to finance Operation Kitchen (The Kitchen operation is an investigation opened by the Spanish Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office where ex-commissioner Villarejo, former police officer two, also commissioner Eugenio Pino, and former driver of Bárcenas, Sergio Ríos, are investigated for an alleged operation of the Ministry of Interior to subtract sensitive information from the exsorero of the Popular Party and that could harm high positions of this political party.), an operation designed to spy on the former PP, Luis Bárcenas, and search and destroy evidence involving PP’s dome in slush fund of the conservative party and its illegal financing .

In an information signed by Miguel Ángel Campos, the Cadena Ser ( Spain’s premier radio network ) anticipates between 2013 and 2015 the Government then chaired by Mariano Rajoy spent 500,000 euros of funds reserved to pay the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and the rest of the so-called political policy so spying on Bárcenas and try to collect compromising evidence for the then leaders of the PP.

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