Lockheed Martin has not yet fixed 871 defects found in the fifth generation F-35 fighter

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More than 870 defects remained in the F-35 fighter

Lockheed Martin has not yet fixed 871 defects found in the fifth generation F-35 fighter. This was reported by the American news agency Bloomberg with reference to a report prepared for publication by the Pentagon’s test department.

It’s noted that these malfunctions can negatively affect the combat readiness, the ability to use and maintain the fighter. At the same time, over the past year, the developers of the F-35 fighter have eliminated only two defects. In total, after the completion of the development phase and demonstration of this aircraft in April 2018, 941 defects were revealed in it.

Lockheed Martin has already built or ordered 970 of these fighters from at least 3,200 aircraft, which are believed to be needed to meet the immediate defense needs of the United States and its allies, according to Bloomberg.

The program for the creation of these fighters, despite the identified shortcomings and obvious problems with their elimination, is currently estimated at $ 398 billion, has strong support in the United States government, including the government of President-elect Joe Biden.

It is noteworthy that the program for the development and production of fifth-generation F-35 fighters, in addition to technical problems, according to Bloomberg, also faces financial difficulties, the costs of which, from 2021 to 2025, increased over the year from the target of $ 78 billion to $ 88 billion

The Pentagon press service has so far refrained from commenting on the “leaking” of a report prepared by this department on the technical shortcomings of the new fighter, since it hasn’t yet been published.

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Earlier, the American F-35 Lichtning II fighter revealed a new problem – due to a malfunction in the onboard inert gas generation system (OBIGGS), flights of this type in a thunderstorm are prohibited until further notice, because such incidents in the air are fraught with an aircraft explosion.

The funny thing is that this fighter is called “Lightning” – “lightning”, but this lightning cannot be flown in a thunderstorm.

Still, according to the American military edition “Defense News”, the tail of a fighter afterburner may fall off, as reported back in 2019 by representatives of the Pentagon, making a note about the “impossibility of correcting the defect.”

Recall that the fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter has been in operation in the United States since 2015. There are three modifications of the fighter: conventional, with a short takeoff and landing, and deck. The cost of the F-35 program is recognized as one of the most expensive in the history of aircraft construction – about $ 1.3 trillion has already been spent on it.