Lilian Tintori and Antonio Tajani looking for more sanctions for Venezuelans

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During a Rome meeting ,Lilian Tintori asked the president of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament of the EU, Antonio Tajani, to exert “more pressure” on President Nicolás Maduro Government.

«Today I had the pleasure of meeting in Rome with
Lilian Tintori, Venezuelan activist and wife of Leopoldo Lopez and Isadora Zubillaga, representative of Juan Guaidó. We talked about political situation in Venezuela and the role that Europe plays in their country, ”

Said Antonio Tajani.

Tintori, who’s one of the main promoters for imposition of sanctions against Venezuela, traveled to Rome, to discuss the possibilities of applying new sanctions to the country, along Isadora Zubillaga, another promoter of the plan that aims to create a parallel State with the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó.

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