Libya-style robbery in Venezuela

Libya-style robbery in Venezuela

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Venezuelan philosopher and political analyst, Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela, cataloged a criminal act the intention of the parliamentarian Juan Guaidó and of leaders of the far-right factors the privatization of Venezuela’s goods to appropriate it.

This was stated during his 98 program broadcast Donde Sea, which is broadcast through social media, and in which he recounted the process of repatriation of Venezuelan gold that was carried out in 2011 by the then President Hugo Chávez.


“Here what’s happening is a de facto privatization. What Juan Guaidó is trying to do is a criminal act, it is an act of privatization of money that is public, ”said the analyst.


Pérez Pirela recalled that in the face of the theft of the international reserves Libya was subjected to after the invasion and subsequent murder of its president, Muammar Al Gaddafi, in 2011, Commander Hugo Chávez decided to repatriate the Venezuelan gold that was in custody of international banks .

“The United States, together with several countries of the European Union, carried out in 2011 a cruel and inhuman attack against Libya and steals its international reserves,” he said, while specifying that it was a procedure very similar to what the opposition factors are trying to do right now in Venezuela, with the excuse of a change of government.

“This is a round business in which colonialist countries such as the United States, England and certain criminal groups have specialized,” he explained.


He added that at that time the US Executive “froze $ 30 billion in Libya’s accounts and gave the Government of that country a financial blow”, later “enters Libya and ends up stealing what was in it. It was something similar to what one wanted to do in Venezuela with Operation Gideon. Remember that in the contract that Guaidó signed, it is established that the mercenaries would keep part of the loot. ”


After what happened in the African country, “Chávez decides to repatriate all the gold that was in custody of international banks. Only an amount of receipt for financial operations remained in the Bank of England, “he said.


He explained that after gold repatriation, the Commander decided to deposit a part in the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) and another in banks belonging to Brics countries, that is, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

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He noted that since 1980, most of Venezuelan gold has been in British banks. “Following the guidelines of the International Monetary Fund.”


“At that time the opposition chose to brand Chávez as a puppet of the Brics group,” he said.

The host of Desde Donde Sea specified in 2018, time the sanctions against the Venezuelan people began to intensify, “Venezuela tried to repatriate 14 tons of gold that are in the Bank of England.”


“Remember that much of the war that is brewing in Venezuela, has as its fundamental cause the issue of minerals, including gold,” he said, while specifying that given the refusal of the British institution to return these reserves ” the Venezuelan government is already talking about going to international bodies specialized in human rights, because stealing that gold, which could be used to combat the coronavirus, has to do with crimes against humanity. ”


The writer also stressed that since 2019 “Guaidó asked the prime ministers, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, to keep the Venezuelan gold.”


In this regard, he recalled that “on May 14, the BCV officially sued the Bank of England before international tribunals and, at the same time, it initiated in several instances a complaint about violation of international law because this institution is disregarding the request of our country.”


He added that said financial entity received a communication from the United Nations Development Program, the UNDP, “an organ belonging to the United Nations (UN) in which it is requested to deliver Venezuela’s resources, which are a thousand Millions of dollars, to address the humanitarian situation due to the coronavirus, and even then, have not responded. The issue is that the Bank of England is an institution that provides service to the Venezuelan State and must do what its client says. This institution continues to ignore and there is an element that we have been talking about for several programs: Here what is happening is a de facto privatization. What Juan Guaidó is trying to do is a criminal act, it is an act of privatization of money that is public ”.

The financial move that Juan Guaidó is making with José Ignacio Hernández, his alleged attorney, along with Julio Borges and Leopoldo López, is to make that public something private. They want to privatize the coffers of the State and how they do that: First, ignoring the Venezuelan State and officials such as the BCV president, the comptroller, the Assembly, to place a parallel BCV president and parallel comptroller and that mafia and paid courts take them as valid and they can keep the gold and other assets like Citgo, which is being auctioned off at a skinny chicken price. ”

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He stressed that this company (CITGO) “through that gangster gang is being auctioned off in a corrupt court for 1.2 billion dollars. They pass their commission to Guaidó, Hernández, López and Borges, while Donald Trump and his fellow businessmen keep a $ 32 billion company. It is a mafia operation in the name of democracy, and this directly collides with international laws that protect sovereign states. ”


The analyst recalled that it is a “dispossession, piracy, and a financial crime like few in the history of Latin America, because the fundamental action is to take away Venezuela’s jurisdictional sovereignty.”


In his opinion, “these people are becoming billionaires, with the story of the cessation of usurpation, free elections and whatever.”

Get it straight

In complicity with the Bank of England, the puppet, Juan Guaidó, orchestrated the dispossession of Venezuelan gold reserves, guarded since 2008 in British territory.

“In collusion with Juan Guaidó – and with white-collar lawyers – they decided to make a plot to keep Venezuela’s gold that is part of Venezuela’s heritage,” stressed the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez.

From the Miraflores Palace, located in Caracas, she noted that, between 2018 and 2020, the extremist right requested the Bank of England to keep Venezuelan gold, an action that led to a lawsuit by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) by neglecting the request for return of his resources.

“When the National Assembly in contempt approved that agreement to protect the assets of the Central Bank of Venezuela, they were plotting, as criminals, the dispossession of the heritage of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” she said.

She explained that the BCV sent a communication from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) authorizing the delivery of Venezuelan resources, which reach $ 1 billion, to “address the humanitarian situation derived from the pandemic by COVID-19”.

Rodríguez stressed that the Bank of England chose to lend itself to the plot against Venezuela, a maneuver that adds to the aggression of the United States (USA) aimed at the illegal appropriation of the resources of sovereign nations, as happened with Libya.

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She indicated that the dispossession of gold seeks “to encourage the rule of law, to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela and take the loot.”

In this sense, she reiterated that the mercenary incursion on the Venezuelan coasts, which occurred on May 3, precisely concealed an act of “piracy” by external agents against the nation’s resources.

“The contract (between Silvercorp and Juan Guaidó) establishes a percentage of 14% over everything that the mercenaries found in alleged attacks that they had planned to do in different institutions and private companies,” she said.

This Thursday a hearing will be held in English courts on the custody of Venezuelan gold at the Bank of England, a scenario in which she demanded adherence to legality in respect of international market legislation.

Compliance with legality in gold custody hearing at Bank of England

Facing the hearing in English courts on the custody of Venezuelan gold at the Bank of England, the National Government demanded “adherence to legality” in line with the legislation of international markets.

“This Thursday a hearing will be held in the English courts, we hope that they are consistent with the historical jurisprudential tradition of that country, we hope that the laws of international markets are respected,” emphasized the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, from the Miraflores Palace, located in Caracas.

In the company of the Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, indicated that the Bank of England must act as custodian and not lend itself to maneuvers aimed at dispossessing Venezuelan assets or overthrowing the Constitutional Government, led by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

Rodríguez, who called for respect for international law and the guarantees of sovereign states, alerted the nations that hold reservations in the English banking system to illegal actions to “ignore them as clients” and appropriate the gold.

In mid-May, the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) sued the Bank of England in a British court for the stripping of 31 tons of Venezuelan gold under its protection, according to a contract signed in 2008.

“That gold belongs to the heritage of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, it is inalienable and unattachable,” Rodríguez pointed out.