Leopoldo López violated an agreement of non-political activism in the Spanish diplomatic headquarters

Leopoldo López Twitter

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The opposition leader Leopoldo López left the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Caracas on August 24,2020, where he had been a guest since April 30, 2019.

The far-right militant and founder of the Voluntad Popular (VP) party, Leopoldo López, would have escaped from the Spanish Embassy in Caracas, heading to Bogotá, Colombia. This was reported this Saturday, October 24, by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

According to the Iberian media, opposition sources on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, where López would have escaped on his way to Bogotá, were in charge of supplying this information.

López, involved in various crimes against humanity by sponsoring, financing and executing various seditious plans, terrorism, assassinations and failed coup attempts in Venezuela, in which hundreds of civilians and soldiers have been killed, was protected by the Spanish Kingdom at his embassy in Caracas after escaping from house arrest.

Confession of a detainee

And first thing he does is confess that from wherever he is, he has always been in his political activation.

Leopoldo López Twitter

The acting foreign minister of Spain for the date, Josep Borrell, affirmed it’s government would “limit” the political activities of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López, who was at the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Venezuela. “Spain is not going to allow its embassy to become a center for political activism,” Borrell told reporters in Lebanon, where he was on an official visit.

The minister pointed out, based on international law, the figure of “guest or host” in the embassy “naturally” implies a limitation in their political activity. “We are confident that, under these conditions, Venezuela will naturally respect the immunity of the territory of the Spanish embassy.”

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But the twitt of the Venezuelan fugitive from justice Leopoldo López confirmed that this was not fulfilled and the accusations of his participation in political activities and in the failed Operation Gideon were true.

The Venezuelan Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, has disfigured Spain by the involvement of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López in what is known as Operation Gedeón, a frustrated coup plan against the President Nicolás Maduro.

“Spain agrees that the assassinations of Venezuelan authorities are discussed at its headquarters. Does the government of Spain have something to say about this?” Rodríguez said at a press conference. The minister was referring to the article published on Friday by The Wall Street Journal that points to López because “he directed the attacks with the aim of assassinating President Nicolás Maduro.” Rodríguez has highlighted that the US newspaper indicates that up to six companies attended to present plans to overthrow Maduro and that Silvercorp was finally elected.

“All the planning elements that led to the armed military incursion were planned in the diplomatic headquarters of the government of Spain,” Rodríguez stressed. “Does the Government of Spain agree that these meetings have been held at its headquarters to plan actions against a legitimate State, with the participation of notorious drug traffickers?”

Rodríguez also denounced that López continued to make videoconferences from the Spanish diplomatic headquarters in Caracas, planning destabilizing actions against Venezuela, something inadmissible for the authorities of that country.