JA JA JA -the fight against drugs by allowing 84% of Colombian cocaine trafficking through the Pacific

US cynicism in the fight against drugs by allowing 84% of Colombian cocaine trafficking through the Pacific.

Venezuela’s anti-drug policies are aimed to neutralizing the transit of illegal substances produced in Colombia, a neighboring country that concentrates 70% of world cocaine production, and whose main destination is the United States, a nation classified as the one with the highest consumption of psychotropic substances and narcotics in the world, according to United Nations (UN) report on this matter, which highlights that in the country administered by Donald Trump, there were 70,237 deaths in 2019 due to overdose.

This was announced by the Minister of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, M / G Néstor Reverol, after rejecting the allegations made this Friday in the electoral activity that was staged in the Southern Command in Florida, where there was accused countries independent, especially Venezuela, of promoting drug trafficking, a strategy that is part of the systematic attack promoted by the White House, to disqualify the country and make it as a Narco State with the purpose of promoting a military invasion.

Reverol assured that Venezuela will maintain a frontal fight against drug trafficking in three solid aspects (social prevention and international cooperation) for which he accused the Trump administration’s indications of cynicism, when the UN’s own drug report places the country as the Fourth nation in seizure and dismantling of drug laboratories.

He recalled that this is not a novel strategy, but in 2007, it was used against Commander Hugo Chávez. “We have shown that anti-drug policies have been positive, even more so when Commander Chávez expelled the Administration for Drug Control (DEA) and suspended the 14 agreements with the United States,” he recalled.

He indicated before that sovereign decision, the DEA in Venezuela conducted negotiations with drug trafficking, controlled deliveries and conspired to carry out a coup against Commander Chávez.

The head for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, presented a set of figures highlighted in the UN Report on drugs that demonstrate the reality of the fight against the production, trafficking and consumption of drugs in the US, Colombia and Venezuela.

Figures on the US drug situation

-Death from overdose in the US in 2019: 70,237 deaths
21.7 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants and 67% from heroin use.

-Marijuana cultivation has increased in US National Parks: In California: 89 of its 482 counties allow recreational use of cannabis; in Colorado 25 of 64 counties; in Oregon: 20 out of 36 counties. Altogether 134 U.S. counties allow the non-medical use of cannabis, according to the UNODC report (2018)
It owns a 2,080-hectare aircraft cemetery in Arizona, the largest in the world, where aircraft are sold uncontrollably to drug trafficking.

-Last year a total of 31,500 methamphetamine processing laboratories were dismantled in the US, that is, 91% of all that operated and were dismantled worldwide.

-In the past 10 years, heroin trafficking in the United States has increased, according to the UN World Drug Report.

Crops and drug trafficking routes from Colombia
Crops and drug trafficking routes from Colombia

Figures on the drug situation in Colombia

-Concentrates 70% of world cocaine production.

-In 2019 it produced 1,120 tons of cocaine.

-It has more than 169 thousand hectares of coca cultivation.
The harvest volume has increased and it has produced up to 6 tons per hectare of coca leaf and 7 kilograms of high purity cocaine per hectare.

US military bases are located where the largest coca cultivation centers are located.

-President Iván Duque authorized 247 licenses for growing marijuana (60% in Departments where there is no coca cultivation and 40% where there is)

-South of Colombia are the largest coca crops.

-84% of the 1,120 tons of cocaine produced in Colombia go through the Pacific.

-9% for the Eastern Caribbean
Of the 39 Colombian departments, a total of 32 have coca crops.

-90% of the drug seized in the US comes from Colombia.

-80% of the drug seized in Asia and Europe comes from Colombia.

Venezuela and the fight against drug trafficking in figures

-773,532 metric tons of drugs seized from 2005 to 2020 without DEA

-In the first six years after the expulsion of the DEA, there was a 44% increase in drug seizures in the country, while in the period between 1999 and 2004, only 209,659 tons were seized.

-UN World Report highlights that Venezuela is the fourth country in seizure and dismantling of laboratories.

-Venezuela has captured 158 drug lords, of which 21 were delivered to the US and 38 to Colombia.

-Between 2011 and 2020, a total of 62 narco aircraft have been seized and recovered, just as 200 aircraft used for drug trafficking have been immobilized, disabled and wrecked.

-The last disabled aircraft had North American initials and flew illegally over the west of the Paraguaná Peninsula in Falcón state.

-368 illegal tracks have been destroyed between 2011 and 2,020
368 illegal camps and / or laboratories have been dismantled on the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

-Venezuela has been free of illicit crops for 14 years thanks to the permanent action of surveillance of border areas.

Minister Reverol denounced in the face of these figures, what the US is promoting with total cynicism is a multiform war against the country that has even gone as far as executing a mercenary incursion in the midst of a global pandemic.

He urged the Trump administration to take care of its internal problems instead of using Venezuela for proselytizing purposes

JA JA JA -the fight against drugs by allowing 84% of Colombian cocaine trafficking through the Pacific
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JA JA JA -the fight against drugs by allowing 84% of Colombian cocaine trafficking through the Pacific
JA JA JA -the fight against drugs by allowing 84% of Colombian cocaine trafficking through the Pacific
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