It’s presumed the use of a remote missile, launched from a drone the terrorist attack on the Amuay refinery

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Vice president for Economic Area Tareck El Aissami, detailed this Thursday that an exhaustive investigation was started on the attack registered last Tuesday on plant number 4 of the Amuay refinery, belonging to the Paraguaná Refining Center (CRP), located in the Falcón state.

It was reported that there is evidence of an explosion that has an impact front and an internal and external projection in the plant. The vice president for the Economic Area, explained that the steel sheets by their thickness determine the magnitude of the explosion, which is why so far the use of a remote missile, launched from a drone, is presumed.

He affirmed the appointment of a technical investigation committee was carried out, which is studying the point of origin from where the missile was launched, also added a series of events had previously been registered aimed at damaging the refinery .

He recalled on September 11, a US citizen named Hill Jhon was arrested, who at the time was carrying a grenade-lance-type weapon (AT4), who was also seized different panels of explosive material ( C4), satellite phones and other weapons of war.

Similarly, the Minister of Popular Power for Petroleum, revealed in recent weeks there have been a total of 87 attacks on the electrical system in Falcon state, which feeds the plant, likewise, acts of sabotage have been evidenced by water system associated with the Amuay and Cardón refinery with the intention of affecting the industrial services necessary to guarantee the optimization of the CRP services.

In that sense, he stressed that this Amuay refinery is one of the largest crude refining centers in the world, while explaining that plant number four, which was the object of the terrorist attack, is one of the units that It enjoys the highest operational reliability, since it generates one of the components necessary for the production of gasoline in the country called (BGO).

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In addition, he indicated this plant had been recovered by the working class of the country and at this time it was in the preventive maintenance phase ready for its start-up in the hours following the event.

With the activation of this plant, it was intended to significantly increase the production of gasoline for the Venezuelan people, “ It’s a deliberate terrorist act duly planned with cruelty in order to cause damage to strategic objectives such as this plant which notably affects the operation of the Paraguaná Refining Center ”.

On other hand, he affirmed , despite this terrorist attack, the oil working class that is at the forefront of this industry will guarantee the operational continuation of the CRP and the production of gasoline.

The Vice President for the Economic Area stressed that at this time Venezuela is producing not only the national demand for gasoline, but is also creating a fuel reserve (…) the President of the Republic reported that the country has 20 days of strategic reserve. In other words, we are accumulating and saving gasoline as part of the reserves necessary to sustain any type of actions by the extreme right or any terrorist group that seeks to destabilize the peace of the country. ”

“Gasoline will continue to be produced by our workers in our refineries, they will not stop us, what today seeks destabilization will not be able to further harm the people,” he said.