ISIS ambushed Hashd al-Shaabî’s forces

ISIS emboscó a las fuerzas de Hashd al-Shaabî

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ISIS ambushed Hashd al-Shaabî forces on the Syrian-Iraqi border and martyred all fighters

Auxiliary troops arrived but it was too late

Who are Hashd al-Shaabî?

When was al-Shaab founded?

When ISIS seized territories in Iraq such as Mosul, Anbar, Tiqrit, and various Sunni settlements in mid-2014, with the support of Baath party cadres, and turned to Shiite territory, the Shiite religious authority in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali Sistani, He called for “jihad” for Shiites on June 13, 2014.

The Iraqi Prime Minister of the time, Nuri Al Maliqi, supported the call and announced that these people would be put on the payroll. With a call from Sistani (known for his close ties to Iran), Tehran’s military support, and Maliqi’s declaration that they would receive wages, Hashd al-Shaabî’s forces began to organize against the threat of ISIS.

This force was organized in a military way and Iran assumed the delivery of weapons, training and logistical financing. The Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Kasım Süleymani, was present at the training efforts. During operations in the Iraqi province of Anbar, Süleymani even personally directed Hashd al-Shaabî.

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