Iran regarding US B52H flights in the Middle East

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The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, referred to the frequent flights of the US B52H bombers over the skies of the Middle East in recent weeks, and warned that he will not hesitate to target anyone who invades his integrity. territorial.
“If the flights of US B52H bombers in the region are intended to intimidate or warn Iran, it would be better to spend the millions of dollars invested for that purpose in improving the sanitary conditions of US taxpayers,” Zarif tweeted the IRNA agency.

And addressing the still President Donald Trump, he added: “Iran, throughout its last 200 years of history has never started any war, but neither has it hesitated to crush any intruding force,” advising Trump to ask his close friends , those who supported Saddam Hussain, on the authenticity of that claim.