In the Spanish Kingdom “What’s sauce for the goose isn’t sauce for the gander” ( Pablo Hasél’s protest VS Guarimbas)

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The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, described it as “DOUBLE STANDARDS!” to Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, for statements in which he assures that Spanish democracy is “full, therefore any type of violence is inadmissible” in the country.

“DOUBLE STANDARDS! In 2014 and 2017 guarimbas , coup attempts and attempts to impose fake governments to generate a confrontation in Venezuela, Spain openly supported the violent demonstrations, recognized the fictitious government and gave protection to the violent ones, “quoted Jorge Arreaza through his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

Last Tuesday, February 16, in Catalonia, an escalation of demonstrations and violent acts began, hours after the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél, a rapper sentenced to nine months for criticizing the monarchy, the police and exposing persons implicated in terrorist crimes.

The protests spread to the main cities of the European nation causing dozens of injuries and material damage as a result of various clashes between the police and the protesters.

Almost all Spain parties political leaders have demonstrated publicly to condemn in a categorical way the acts of vandalism and violence that have been taking place during the last five days in that country, after the arrest inside a university of the rapper singer Pablo Hasél , accused of exalting terrorism and insults against the King and Crown.

“Spain is a full democracy and the use of any type of violence is inadmissible,” he dared to say before Congress. He used the expression “full democracy” that in recent days they have repeated ad nauseam to contradict the second vice president and leader of United-we can, Pablo Iglesias, who denounced that “there is no full political and democratic normality in Spain” due to the imprisonment of singers and pro-republic pro-independence leaders in Catalonia, while cases such as the flight of King Emeritus Juan Carlos de Borbón happened to avoid the judicial process for corruption, and the Government continues to protect the monarchy.

Sánchez only advanced his commitment to “improve the legal protection of freedom of expression” in reference to the intention of the Government coalition to reform some very controversial criminal offenses, which have been criticized for limiting that freedom, including the “exaltation of the terrorism and insults and slander against the Crown ”, two of the“ crimes ”for which Hasél has been convicted.

“Spanish democracy protects freedom of expression and expression. But democracy will never protect violence. It is the opposite of democracy. The Government wants to expand and improve the protection of freedom of expression, always based on dialogue and harmony ”, declared the current Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, reported the RT and HispanTV agencies.

For his part, Pablo Casado, leader of the main opposition party, the Popular Party (PP), expressed his “support for the Security Corps” and has demanded “the dismissal of the ministers who justify the violence and the disapproval of the spokespersons encouraging kale borroka [street violence] ”.

Pero esta conducta es contraria si se trata de proteger a uno de los autores intelectuales de la violencia en Venezuela:

And never forget the one who burned Orlando Figuera alive, Enzo Franchini Oliveros, who is enjoying his freedom in Spain, while Orlando Figuera’s family is still waiting for justice

What’s sauce for the goose isn’t sauce for the gander