Guaidó-SilverCorp Contract contemplated the use of antipersonnel mines throughout Venezuela

The first vice president of the National Constituent Assembly, Tania Díaz, denounced this Tuesday in the Dando y Dando program, the Guaidó-SilverCorp contract contemplated the use of antipersonnel mines throughout the national territory.

He stated that these actions are prohibited by the United Nations and international statutes.

“Mercenaries are moved by ill-gotten money and we revolutionaries are moved by love and country,” Díaz stressed.

It should be noted that the high representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign and Security Affairs, Josep Borrell, criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to authorize the use of antipersonnel mines by the US military.

In this regard, the senior official noted that antipersonnel mines authorized by the President of the United States undermine international humanitarian law.

According to international organizations, antipersonnel mines have left millions of victims. In total, there are an estimated 110 million mines scattered in 64 countries.

In a telephone contact, Dr. Olga Álvarez clarified that these incursion attempts in Venezuela, “are a false right move, since the self-proclamation of Guaidó.”

“All this linked to the new terrorist action that has a contract, are soldiers paid to cause death with economic, rather than political, objectives,” said Alvarez.

The lawyer explained that in this Guaidó-SilverCorp contract, the mercenaries were given a “Corsican patent”, breaking all national and international regulations.

“The most aberrant thing is that we were all objective. Not only foreigners are mercenaries, but nationals who signed the contract. ”

The constitutional lawyer explained that the entire world suffers from antipersonnel mines, a situation that was intended to subject the people to more than 3 years of war.

“Any Venezuelan patriot who doesn’t agree with Chavismo and with the foreign occupation was going to be a military target. It’s important that all the Venezuelan people reject the war, “she said.

She recalled that by April 30, the deserters who acted in the simulation of a coup d’état were already recruited, where they managed to “Slip Leopoldo López”, she concluded.