Government dismantles the cynical report of human rights on Venezuela

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Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza and the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, dismantle before the national and international press the cynical report of the independent international human rights mission on Venezuela.

Staiment Key points:

Tarek William Saab: We are accompanied by the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, to present a joint press conference to respond to the infamous report presented by an “ad hoc” commission financed by the Lima Group.

Jorge Arreaza: In 2015 when Delcy Rodríguez was Foreign Minister, she denounced conditions were being created to attack the Venezuelan State on the subject of human rights, President Maduro also told the UN in 2018.

Jorge Arreaza: There is a team from the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Venezuela. They met with the Attorney General, the Executive and Judicial Branch, victims of human rights violations, affected by the guarimbas, among others.

Jorge Arreaza: The aggressive resolution against Venezuelan sovereignty established the creation of a commission to verify the facts. Five million dollars was spend in such a delicate situation. See how the money of the member countries is wasted (Lima Group)

Jorge Arreaza: Tendentious resolutions damage the prestige and cooperation principles of the countries that support them. The “experts” who made the report never came to the country, they were diplomatically told that there was already a UN team working on the issue.

Jorge Arreaza: Experts have said that this report is a reissue of the work done by Luis Almagro; who has launched himself to the destruction of the Organization of American States.

Jorge Arreaza: This report coincides with Pompeo’s intimidating tour; looking to win votes in Florida. Making such a report is a fraud, irresponsible and a monument to war propaganda.

Jorge Arreaza: isn’t possible for them to recognize a ghost president (Guaido) and for the United Nations to recognize the only legitimate president. They need a bit of consistency.

Jorge Arreaza: Luisa Ortega Díaz, who was Attorney General of the Republic for 10 years, also collaborated in the preparation of this report. On Venezuela she dedicated herself to the extortion cartels set ups.

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Jorge Arreaza: At the time, alleged torture against Leopoldo López was reported. In the images you can see him playing guitar with another detainee, eating sushi at Ramo Verde and even building a Christmas tree

Jorge Arreaza: Mr. Juan Requesens has said that during his detention he received all the humanitarian treatment, ranging from gym, subscription television and visits from family members.

Jorge Arreaza: The report indicates that President Maduro had knowledge of human rights violations by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service and avoided making them public to avoid sanctioning them. It’s fake.

Jorge Arreaza: In Venezuela, through US sanctions, crimes against humanity are committed. It is a systematic and widespread attack against our institutions and we all suffer it equally.

Tarek William Saab: They have a terrible origin failure, which was not being in the field. They are an annex of the supposed interim government, they copied and pasted statements of political actors that have nothing to do with human rights to promote attacks against institutions

Tarek William Saab: It was the Ombudsman’s Office, under our direction, that met with the relatives and promoted the investigations that led to the arrest 12 military officials accused of disappearance and death of 12 people (It should be remembered that some of the crimes that are being processed in Venezuela were when Luisa Ortega Díaz was Attorney General, now escaping from the Venezuelan justice)

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Tarek William Saab: Since our arrival, we have charged 565 state security officials identified as allegedly responsible for human rights violations and 31 civilians implicated as collaborators, for a total of 596 defendants.

Tarek William Saab: 143 of them belonged to the Scientific, Criminal Investigation Corps and 138 to the Bolivarian National Police

Tarek William Saab: In this period, a total of 804 officials and 123 civilians have been accused, making a total of 927 accused through the presentation of 375 accusations filed by specialized prosecutors in the matter.

Tarek William Saab: This report is disrespectful to prosecutors who study and go hand in hand with the laws to go to court in order to achieve the results that I am showing.

Tarek William Saab: Among the accused are 234 state police officers, 158 Cicpc officers, 153 from the Bolivarian National Police and 92 from the Bolivarian National Guard

Tarek William Saab: Additionally, a total of 127 state security officials and 13 civilians were punished by a conviction, for a total of 140 convicted; being 36 from the Bolivarian National Police and 26 from the Bolivarian National Guard.

Tarek William Saab: 28-year prison sentences handed down in Lara state against 3 officials attached to the Bolivarian National Police for the crimes of cruel treatment and rape stand out.

Tarek William Saab: In addition to the sentences of more than 22 years in prison imposed on 2 members of the Bolivarian Army, who admitted their responsibility in the case known as the Barlovento Massacre.

Tarek William Saab: It would be necessary to know how many expertises the creators of this report carried out. None because they were never in the field.

Tarek William Saab: In the case of the young Fabián Urbina, who was killed by shots fired at the Altamira distributor, 3 officials of the Bolivarian National Guard are on trial, the perpetrator is deprived of liberty.

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Tarek William Saab: In the case of Manuel Alejandro Sosa, who died during 2017 protests in Lara state, an arrest warrant was requested against a 1st Lieutenant of the Bolivarian National Guard.

Tarek William Saab: In Leonardo González Barreto’s case, who died during 2017 protests in Carabobo state, 5 officials of the regional Police have been deprived of liberty and prosecuted.

Tarek William Saab: On September of this year alone, the competent courts have been asked to impute 70 FAES officials in different states of the country.

Tarek William Saab: All these actions have been recognized by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, in her reports on Venezuela, with whom we met on the occasion of her visit to Venezuela.

Tarek William Saab: From there, we maintain permanent communication with her work team in the country for specific cases review.

Tarek William Saab: The alleged report is a mockery of the work that UNHCR does in the country; from the field and in constant coordination with the institutions.

Tarek William Saab: It’s especially noteworthy that one of the editors of this report, who has already been known to be directly linked to the government of Sebastián Piñera, who has on hem resume being defender of a Pinochet official.

Tarek William Saab: We have avant-garde regulations, which were born from the constituent process of 1999, in the protection of human rights.

Jorge Arreaza: From the resolution moment was approved, the Venezuelan State notified them that the UN already had a commission in place to whom they could ask any questions.

Jorge Arreaza: I would like to add that at least 93 victims of the events of 2014 have been repaired with homes, surgeries and psychological support.

Jorge Arreaza: It is incredible that an expert mission has lost its race with this report. They have been part of a “Legal Operation Gideon