General and Chief Vladimir Padrino López exposed the Bolivarian military doctrine against imperialist militarism.

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General and Chief Vladimir Padrino López exposed the Bolivarian military doctrine against imperialist militarism.

Venezuela Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino points out the imperialism has surpassed its phase of colonial domination over the peripheral states to expansion through market domination.

Latin America and the Caribbean have always been under the imperial sight, in response to its doctrine of domination and oppression, the resistance of our native peoples arose and then a caste of patriotic men and women rose up to say Enough of imperialism!

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino called for the recovery of the “original dignity” embodied in our Act of Independence “that allows us to stand firm against imperialism and tell them that we don’t want oppression or tutelage.”

“When we talk about Bolivarianism we’re talking about anti-imperialism. We have an anti-imperialist genesis” affirmed the Minister @vladimirpadrino

“All Latin America is made up and forged by men and women of steel who taught us natural and original dignity,” said the Minister.

Today we see a much more inhumane, aggressive empire with an uncontrollable voracity of nations in the world to exploit them in favor of their interests, and flexible borders that allow them through globalization a single community and dominate through capital.

He also highlighted since 1999 in Venezuela a series of events began to take place that doesn’t suit the interests of imperialism. “Commander Chávez called for a Constituent Assembly to invoke sovereign power”

“A participatory model, protagonist democracy emerged. A model of a social, democratic, law and justice state. From there a permanent, progressive and sustained aggression against Venezuela was unleashed,” said the Minister.

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After the 2002 coup, Cmdt. Chávez decided to carry out a military revolution in Venezuela “We began to design a national military strategy that implied the sum of the Popular Power in defense tasks, the civic-military union”

“We cannot carry out an independence revolution without the people,” Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said, quoting the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

Minister @vladimirpadrino: “The military revolution that Commander Chávez started was strengthened, it evolved, we made the initial adjustments to the Organic Law of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and incorporated the Bolivarian Militia”

“The new law defines an anti-imperialist and anti-oligarchic Bolivarian National Armed Force, it was a request from the FANB bases. We were born to fight an empire and it has remained in genetics.”

“The Armed Forces cannot lend themselves to the imperial game,” emphasized Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López

Minister of Defence @vladimirpadrino: What role, what would democracy look like in the world when US imperialism is encouraging the Armed Forces to bend to his interests and play his game?

“We have an anti-imperialist conscience, clear, defined, diaphanous to give a stop to all aggressions against Venezuela,” Minister Vladimir Padrino pointed out in the face of the empire’s claims.

“We are heading towards elections on December 6, it is a great satisfaction that the people express themselves freely and the Armed Forces are alongside the people,” said the Minister for Defense.

Minister @vladimirpadrino “: The Bolivarian National Armed Forces are preparing to guarantee the parliamentary elections, they go to the border to take care of the geographical spaces next to the people, accompanying the medical brigades in the Screening against COVID-19”.

Minister @vladimirpadrino: “I call on the Armed Forces of the world to play a protective role of democracy. We soldiers are here to defend a democratic role and not to turn our backs on the people.”

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