France’s involvement in the Saudis massacre of Yemeni civilians and children

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A new report reveals France, in addition to equipping Riyadh with advanced weapons, trains the Saudi military for the war against Yemen.

France is complicit in the brutal military campaign launched by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen since March 2015, as it equips Saudi Arabia with all kinds of weapons – including armored vehicles, planes, ships and missiles – and trains the Saudi military, has denounced the Yemeni portal 26 September in a report published this Saturday.

Citing an investigation by the French newspaper Media Part, the Yemeni website notes that Saudi Arabia relies, to a large extent, on French experience in training its forces and the use of weapons, including advanced Caesar cannons.

In fact, adds, there is challenges between US and France to train Saudi Army units, especially in the use of howitzers, which are a great threat to civilians in Yemen.

Previously, the official Syrian news agency SANA, citing a French source, had reported on the complicity of the French government in the aggression against Yemen, including its involvement with the Americans and Israelis in Riyadh’s military operations on the west coast.

The arms and logistical support that Paris provides to the Al Saud regime has caused massive protests in France, where the people and different non-governmental organizations have denounced the support of the European country for the massacre of Yemeni civilians and children by the Saudis.

Yemeni authorities, for their part, criticize certain Western states, such as the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Spain, as they proclaim themselves defenders of human rights, but close their eyes to the continuous and serious crimes against them humanity committed by the Saudis in Yemen.

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