Former President Mauricio Macri under investigation for his responsibility in the submarine ‘Ara San Juan’ collapse

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An Argentine court ordered an investigation of former President Mauricio Macri for his responsibility in the sinking of the submarine ‘Ara San Juan’ three years ago.

According to a statement published in local media, the Federal Chamber of Comodoro Rivadavia, in the southern province of Chubut (Argentina), ordered on Thursday to determine the possible responsibility of Mauricio Macri, his Minister of Defense, Oscar Aguad, and the former head of the Navy Marcel Srur, in the sinking of the submarine ‘Ara San Juan’, which disappeared in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean on November 15, 2017, with 44 crew members on board.

The investigation, which is carried out in accordance with the petition presented under the legal form of a complaint filed by the victims’ relatives, confirmed most of the prosecutions ordered by the federal judge of Caleta Olivia, Marta Yañez, on high command of the Navy that they are being prosecuted for crimes “of breach of the duties of a public official, omission of the duties of the office and negligent damage aggravated by the result of death” in the case of the sunken submarine.

However, he reversed the point with which the magistrate had disassociated Macri and his former officials from the investigation.
For this reason, the court believes that the degree of knowledge of Macri and Aguad about the naval exercise, “of important importance”, carried out by the “ARA San Juan” should be “investigated and proven.”
Relatives of victims of ARA San Juan accuse the Government of lying

A lawyer for the relatives of the missing crew members denounces that the Argentine Government already knew the location of the San Juan and only now made it known.

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Likewise, she requested that “the budget cuts that affected the Armed Forces and in particular the ships that participated” in the maneuvers be examined.

All of this happened after a recent statement by Rear Admiral Enrique López Mazzeo, who revealed earlier this month that the then Argentine Government “had information on the alleged location of the submarine since December 5, 2017, but hid it and decided to end the search. ”.

The ‘Ara San Juan’ submarine was a German-made TR-1700, 66 meters long, which served from 1985 until suffering an apparent internal explosion due to technical failures, after losing the radars when patrolling Argentine waters in search of fishing boats clandestine.

They claim Macri for the age of the missing submarine
But it was not found until November 17, 2018, a year after its sinking, at a depth of 907 meters and 600 kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia, in the vicinity of the area where its last signs had been reported.